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  • Table Feed Drives

    I have a question about the aftermarket table feed drives that are used to move the cross feed tables on mills. "here is an example of one:

    I'm investigating using one on an ornamental woodworking mill; reason being it looks like it would work and they are significantly cheaper than the motor drives sold for my machine by the manufacturer ($800). For a look at what I'm talking about see

    I've already looked at the table feeder torque / speed range and it looks compatible to my machine.

    My questions are:
    1. How is the movement stopped; do these have clutches in them or is there a switch involved that actually removes power from the motor?
    2. Do you think they would live running continuously? I could probably use them 2 or 3 hours straight. It wouldn't be any problem for me to install a muffin to provide cooling air.
    3. Does the feed direction lever physically engage direction changing gears or is it just a switch that reverse motor polarity?


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    Surplus part houses have tons of smaller motors in stepper, PMDC, and AC. Roll your own drive - or adapt a commercial unit. The drives for the Bridgeport type mill tables have limit switches to prevent over travel.


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      The lever engages the gears and starts the motor in whatever direction you throw the lever. When you disengage, the gears stop instantly while the motor winds down.