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  • Service above and beyond the call of duty...

    Remember a while back how I was thinking of buying a 1960's gear hobbing machine, and was looking for help with info on it? I did buy it. Sight unseen and had it shipped over.
    Ugh! Encrusted in grime, unused for years, parts damaged or missing, no manuals or info. Everyone knows what hell it can be to find obscure machine parts, especially if you don't know what is missing.

    I want to extend my most humble gratitude to a representative of the manufacturer, who went to great lengths to help me, and scoured the corporate offices, files and factory to find: manuals in several languages, broschures, technical info, manufacturing plans, blueprints, blowups, details and cutaways of the entire machine in every detail, all photocopied perfectly at 1:1 scale, bound in order in a binder and UPS to no charge.

    I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank You, Armin.

    ...and to others involved in trying to get a machine in order, rest assured that sometimes there is someone kind enough to help.

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    And this outstanding company is...


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      ...left unnamed, out of consideration for the man. He knows who he is. And anyone searching for info on this machine is bound to run into either him, my previous thread, or this one.
      Publishing his name, position or contact info on the internet would not be particularly kind.
      I will however happily provide all info I can to anyone with a similar dilemma.