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What does Santa's workshop ...

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  • What does Santa's workshop ...

    look like?
    Yes Thrud there is a Santa Claus.
    I envision a full scale production facility
    complete with injection molding, stamping and the like. What do you think?

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    I would think it have a very short ceiling height to accomidate elves - unless Santa upgraded to electric lifts. Having seen a cedar shake plant in operation (two 24" trimming saws running inches from a guy's elbow with no blade guards ), I shudder to think how dangerous it is around there when Santa admits he is glad OSHA can't find him. Mind you, rumor has it Elves have extremely fast reaction times and I have never heard of any green blood on toys...

    I don't know if I like the toy quality coming out of that place - kind of questionable.

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      Sorry folks,

      It's a pretty small shop, but lots of storage space up here. Don't have much use for all that "fancy" equipment. My workers are "craftmen". They pretty much use handtools, even though a few decades ago we did upgrade to a few power tools. Got some good deals on some "surplus" equipment, but most of the guys still like the "old way".

      However, due to the huge population increase over the last couple of hundred years, I have to rely on alot of sub-contract help. Unfortunately, they don't always like to produce to "MY" specs or use "OUR" manufacturing practices and I (again unfortunately) don't have the personnel to keep constant tabs on them, so they cut corners and sometimes produce less quality items.

      Anyway, the toys that "MY GANG" produces are really top notch. These go to the "special" kids. Just the one's who don't "CRY" or "POUT" and are "NICE". Pretty much keeps the list short, know what I mean........? Everyone else gets the other stuff. Better than COAL, right??

      I "AM" looking for some good QA help though.......if any of you are interested. Pay is fair (you won't get rich), 3 squares a day and friendly work environment. Not much "night life" (unless you count the weekly snowman building contest) and you have to be "vertically challenged". Hey, it's in the Elves contract!!! What can I say??? (Your right, Thrud. The ceilings are low in many places.)

      Hey.....I hear the reindeer moving around. Got to feed and brush them. (That's part of my job. Can't get the Elves to do it. They have trouble reaching the reindeer's backs.

      Your Jolly Ol' Elf (not really....just an honorary title).......S. Claus

      S. Claus


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        Oh hey, Santa. Long time no see. Heard the FAA clipped your wings over the reindeer environmental pollution incident...

        About your subcontractors: I tried to get ahold of that The Professor guy from Gilligans Island to work in my shop, but was told he had a long-term contract with you. Something about Bamboo lab equipment.

        Is that true?


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          How is it that the "Professor" could build a radio out of bamboo but he couldn't fix a hole in the Minnow? And just where did the Howell's get all those new clothes they always wore? And howcome Ginger or Maryann didn't end up pregnant? Between the Skipper, Gilligan, and The Prof, one of those guys must have been normal.


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            You know IO really have to agree about the poll betwwen Mary Ann & Ginger. Ginger was hot But Mary Ann was T**s
            Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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              The hole in the Minnow? Fix it with what? He used all the bamboo to build a home entertainment center.
              (to be honest, I think the boat drifted away after a few episodes)

              Ginger was a bit of a vamp, a real vixen. But anyone could tell, Mary-Ann was quality goods! A real baker's daughter.

              The Skipper & Gilligan were busy doing their own thing, but the Prof sure had an angle on those camera!