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  • Rotary engine

    I'm looking for drawings and,or castings for
    a seven or nine cylinder rotary engine used
    mainly on WW1 airplanes.
    Thank You for any help.

    Bob Indiana
    Bob Indiana

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    Maybe Strictly I.C. as well (see ads in HSM)

    In the last few issues of Model Engineer (British) the British Aquilla engine is being featured for construction.


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      You're probably thinking of the Bentley BR2 rotary engine that was orginally modeled by Lew Blackmore. It was featured in Model Engineer magazine some years ago (20?). There is (was?) a book of the plans available; not sure from where. It's all from bar stock, no castings, although a friend of mine who made one made some aluminum castings for the manifold elbows.

      Try TEE Publishing in England, for starters.
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        I subscribed to Strictly IC partly because of an interest in rotarys. There was a column in the most recent issue about the dearth of rotary miniatures.
        In correspondence with a couple of guys doing radials, I'm told that rotarys are hard to get running right. I guess this shouldn't be too surprising, given that the crankcase is part of the intake mainfold.
        I haven't yet got back-issues with the Bently info, but I'm thinking I will.


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          Bob & SGW,

          Sorry gents, my error "Bristol Aquila" 9 Cylinder Radial, not rotary - still an awesome piece of model work! If you want to check it out it Starts in issue Vol. 186,#4142. It won the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Trophy. It runs exremely well (says ME) and beat out the likes of Cherry Hill for first place.

          (Cherry Hill is a lady master modeller that consistantly produces Museum quality scale models)

          Lindsay Books did have a hardcover book on the Bentley BR2 - but it could be sold out again.

          Have you checked with any Air Musemums in your area?


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            To know by reading is different than knowing by doing. OR:
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              Yhank You,Thrud,SGW,Ron LaDow,Toff,and
              JRice. I sure had fun going to the sights
              you suggested and all the links inbeetween,
              that is an internet slang my grandson uses.
              Oby1 is his user name also,I just used it.
              You probibly wonder who this guy is wanting
              to take on a rotary. I'm just a 53 year old
              that wants to do it all before I turn 54.
              If I can learn to use a computer and type
              then I can do this to. I'v built a flame
              eatin engine,a hit and miss,Two sterling,
              and a couple others.
              I'm a private pilot and built an airplane
              and rebuilt two.Motorcycles too until lately
              Bob Indiana