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  • Homemade EDM Machine

    I cant find the big Capacitors from the home shop machinist magazine regarding Cheap Home EDM Machine. I have a big boring bar just dying to get the seized and festered screw out . Where do I find these elusive Gizmoes. I live in Ontario Canada so if its near here I could probably get some. any help would be much appreciated. Thanx Audrey

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    I have seen them at all electronics. I don't know how to put up a link. Sorry. I have no affiliation with the company.



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      Look up capacitors on ebay. You will find tons of them big and small.


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        Try Digi-Key or 1-800-digi-key

        or Active components. You are more likely to find what you need from Digi-key. They even charge out in Cnadian dollars - landed cost. (No worse than most suppliers prices)

        You are aware that you can use a series or parallel cpcacitor circuit to get the equivelent capacitor if you are stuck. It is important to insure that the working & breakdown voltage of all the networked capacitors are equal to or greater than what is required.

        The K.I.S.S. principle is best observed around High Energy Circuits

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          I agree on Digikey, good folks.

          Please do be careful on that unit. The author was very uninformative on important things like diode and capacitor polarity, insulation, user precautions, etc.

          No EDM is "safe", but that one is a bit worse than most.

          The followup article really was rather disappointing, as he didn't actually add all the missing info.

          There is an article series in HSM from a few years back that was much better in every respect. It is about a much more complex machine, you will probably want just to read thru it and use that info to assist in "fixing" the simple one. Check the library, etc, or maybe you can get a reprint of the series.

          I hate to be such a wet blanket on the subject, but the machine can be lethal. I don't want to have anyone electrocuted.


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            An electrical engineering friend of mine had told me that when I wanted to build the brains for a robot (whenever I can get to that) I should go find a "HAM SWAP" which is a Flea Market for electronics. I understand that MIT has one every Sunday thoughout the summer. Evidently, I am told they are pretty common. The greatest fact... some of these surplus items have never been used and they go dirt cheap!



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              C and H Sales
              PO Box 5356
              Pasadena, CA 91117

              Surplus Center
              PO Box 82209
              Lincoln, NE 68501-2209
              no internet presence that I have found

              Both of these outfits will send you a free catalog.

              Look in the yellow pages for electronics surplus.

              Another common name for ham swap is hamfest.

              Nuts and Volts magazine has a monthly listing of hamfests. I think they will send you a free copy. I don't have a URL handy.