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Department of Justice beats Microsoft to Death

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  • Department of Justice beats Microsoft to Death

    As part of their punishment, they have been told they can do what ever they want now. Justice in action. Or, was that injust action?

    Rumor has it Evil Bill wants to rename it MONOPOLISLOP - to give it more consumer alignment with its disgracefull performance and outrages prices. All employees will be required to wear an eyepatch, wooden leg, and a hook starting January 2. All customers will be greeted with "Arrgh Billy, wallet out and hands in the air, Arrrgh!"

    (its a joke, bite me - it's christmas - ho, ho, ho)

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    Don't get me started, goddamit!!!!
    Next time XP crashes on me, I'm liable to hurt someone.....


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      What choices are there; Linux or something else? I don't like the monopoly approach that Microsoft has, but many personal computers are built to run MicroSoft products.

      I like using MACs for certain things, but many of things on the MAC are Microsoft products also.

      With XP Rro I haven't had any real problems, I just maxed out the memory and pray to have enough disk to run it at times.

      What I really like is Window 98 SR 2, it seems to work and work well. If just can't run many of the programs developed in the last year or so.



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        After I reduced my memory to 256Meg as Thrud suggested my XP System has been stable and hasn't crashed (yet) Knock on wood.*** WALT

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          IMHO, the first judge had it right....
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            if it hadn't been for Apples not wanting to let others play Bill Gates would be selling shoes in Seattle. Back when we had multiple competing opperating systems people were saying why can't we just have one common OS. Well thanks to IBM and Microsoft we do. It just turned out to be the lowest common denominator.
            Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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              Dubya cut the funding for that suit, and the tobacco suits when he took over. Shows ya what he's thinking.
              Some people I know, and even people like Imus love microsoft products and can't understand why the government is picking on some poor company just trying to make a buck. I used to put computers on expensive lab equipment and if the customer wanted OS2 on their machine they had to also pay for microsoft windows. The computer vendor(s) were under a deal with microsoft that no matter what they had to put windows on every machine they sold. So they had to charge twice for OS2, really made everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

              Happy Holidays


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                MonopoliSlop is now trying to get open soure software banned in the US government. No doubt so thy can turn around, slap their name on it, puts some back doors in, and resell it as a proprietary system to the feds!

                The Stupid judge also faild to see that they are trying to make it so you have to RENT their software each time you start it up of the internet. Warn you friends now. The real terroists are already here and kicking in Renton , WA.

                Would not surprise me if some (unamed rich guy) paid Al qeuda to take out the WTC to get rid of the Securities commission and "evidence". it would also instill fear (as it has) causing the political sheep to play right into his maniacial world domination plans - "one desktop at a time". At least everyone knew hitler was a bastard and not a "businessman" (same thing sometimes).

                It just a joke! Or is it?


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                  What ever happen to DR DOS, it was far ahead of MS DOS. Their were other OSs that worked better than early windows, but they had trouble running MS Word and Wordperfect.
                  When IBM had OS2 working they purchased companies or product lines like Wordperfect, then got in bed with Novel. Most of these little ventures didn't work.
                  But I must admit that current line of IBM servers are rock solid and when hardware fails they do have a good tech department and generally fix things very quickly.



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                    Caldera Systems owns the rights to DrDos and MS settled out of court last year for 10% of their last quarter revenue (or something to that effect). It was a sad, sad day to hear they decided not to clean them out, but they had been fighting the bastards for ten years and probably need the money bad. But it was still a small victory for the good guys. At least it proves MonopoliSlop are theives. Now if the rest of the world would just notice...