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Lathemaster 8x14 lathe

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  • Lathemaster 8x14 lathe

    Anyone know anything about the Lathemaster 8x14 lathe? I'm looking to get a small lathe and came across their website, although can't find much info on it.

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    Check out this site:

    I was going to purchase one of those lathes, but they have been out of stock due to the shipping baloney on the west coast.

    I hear nothing but good stuff about Lathemaster.


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      I'd like to have one and convert it to variable speed. I'm thinking of extending the bed of my 7x12 to 20 or 24 inches. Maybe someday. That requires an extra bed and a new, longer leadscrew and rack. Can't afford anything right now. Gotta say that I'm very happy with my Homier 7x12 lathe. Same lathe as the Grizzly, only $200.00 less. If I could afford a minimill, I'd probably have one of those, too.