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A special note of thanks

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  • A special note of thanks

    I just want to thank the Publisher, Neil & the crew, and all the authors past & present - for all the ideas that have been presented in The Village Press Publications, Live Steam, MW, HSM, and this BBS. I enjoy it immensely - thank you so much.

    To all my Brothers and Sisters thank you for sharing your time with me on these pages and in private emails. My hope for all of you - for mankind - is Peace, Love, and Truth. Not for this holiday season, but for everyday that we walk this earth. Let not the spirit of goodwill towards one another die, not even for a moment. Own it and bring it forth proudly - forever.

    Peace & Grace

    Amen, and AMEN

    Dave (Thrud) Smith

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    Like you dave I feel we are like brothers its a good feeling to belong to such a fine group of human beings (All of you give yourselfs a pat on the back).Also to Neil and the crew from me best wishes over the coming year and holiday season also needless to say to my good friends especially you Dave thanks for all your emails and kindess to me and my family over the last year if there were a few more like you on this earth we would have a better place L.O.L to all from the Hosies.(Alistair Bronwen and the boys)
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      How can you not add AMEN to these thoughts?



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          Well said Thru. I think you speak for all of us. I can't imagine a nicer group of people that I'd want to be associated with. I wish Peace and Happiness for you all.

          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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            Like the boys said, thankyou...
            there have been quite a few times when I had a good laugh or got inspired, and its really nice to have you all around.

            Thanks again,


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              I can't agree more.
              Without Neil and the group at village and the gang here I'd be completely alone in my shop. Because of this board I'm never more than a few minutes away from a world of friends.

              Sometimes the best advise you can get is simply - that's how I'd do it.

              Happy Holidays (take your pick)


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                Count me in! It's a great day whenever Neil and co. put out a new book; I can't get enough (including both magazines).

                Keep up the good work, please!

                A good holiday to you all,


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                  To all the members of this group, as a newbie it's great to get to know you all, and to receive so much inspiration, technical and often spiritual, and to see how such a great bunch of guys and gals can get along
                  Best wishes to you all for Christmas, and may the New year lead to much chip making!
                  Richard Medway


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                    Thanks everyone for all the enjoyment and ideas I've gotten from this group ! Now if we could consolidate everything into book form,I'd have to add several more feet to the shelves.Much better than watching TV !!


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                      I just wanted to add my two bits. I also am greatful to Neil and the Village Press Crew for magazines and books as well as this board.
                      Amen to all of the above. I don't believe there is a nicer group of folks on the net.
                      I am so greatful to have friends like all of you.
                      Thanks to all of you for you help and comments. I wish all of you the best for the comming year. Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year to you all.

                      Thanks again everyone,Rick


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                        Hey Guys,
                        I know I'm very new to this group but I just had to say thanks to the group for all the great info that each of you are so willing to share and the truly magnanimous way that you all do it. I think that we all owe a lot to the internet, for being able to bring each of us together to share in a true love of machines and the people that use them. Without the internet it would've take me a life time to have meet so many fine people
                        May special thanks to you all!!!!

                        Dan Lewis


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                            What Dr. Rob said!


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                              You Guys Rock. Audrey .PS Ill go have a couple more Xmas Moosehead Beers For all of you.HIC.