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  • Gear box oil change

    I have a Maximat V10P lathe. The manual specifies that when the headstock gear box oil is changed, it is to be filled with SAE 10 weight oil. I have not been able to find a source for this weight oil. Can I use automobile motor oil of SAE 20 or SAE 30 weight or does someone know a source for this weight oil.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Tom, 10W SAE is commonly refered to as spindle oil. It comes invarious grades by weight in Saybolt seconds. Motor oil is not an acceptable substitute. It should be possible to obtain suitable lubricant at an industrial lube vendor.
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      Don't use engine oil -- your headstock gearbox is not an engine!

      Check the MSC catalog for machine oil. And be sure to use the correct viscosity oil.

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        You can back search this group or rec.crafts.metalworking for prior posts on this. There have been authoritative opinions pro and con on motor oil and the detergent aspect does seem problematic.
        Look under oil (distributors) in your yellow pages and call the closest one and ask for
        ISO 30 or 68 (eq SAE 10 and 20 respectively)
        R&O bearing oil. Mobil DTE Lite is available in ISO 68. Price will be competitive and 5gal should run $38-45. Go to McMaster Carr and look up spindle oil and peruse the entries there, or J&L or MSC ditto for other brands to call the oil distributors about. Shipping is expensive for oil so you are better off finding locally. Steve


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          I've been running Mobil Velocite #10 spindle oil in a Maximat 7 and Maximat 8.6, both headstock gear boxes very similar to the V10. Max spindle speed on those is 2800 rpm.

          Searched high and low for non-detergent SAE10 and used Mobil One synthetic for a short time. It ends up being cheaper and better in the long run by biting the bullet and ordering the right stuff.

          Same for way oil ... messed around with all types of locally available oils but am now in love with Mobil Vactra #4 way oil ... excellent slide behavior and also has rust inhibitor.



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            Check your manual again for a preferred brand. Then contact your texaco, mobil, or shell distributor. Also MSC has many good oils.

            Generally a non foaming oil for head stocks, and deffinately not motor oil. I was surprised at how thin my head stock oil was, thought it would be heavy after years of auto work and such.

            My head stocks and such take a Rando HD 68 oil from texaco.

            I have to maintain and oil 28 machines by my lonesome, and I hate surprises. Ask then do. A well lubed machine is one that lasts forever.

            Speaking of this, the boyfriend from hell of my daughters just learned this lesson as he did the yard sale thing with the car they own. Parts all over hell on the road, I have them in my tool box. He thought he could fix that giant hole by the oil pan in the block.....Oh yeah, 36 pounds of JB Weld..... It was just amazing, I was behind them when it let go....lucky I did n't break my windshield from flying crap from them, but the dent in the hood has been hell to explain to my wife. Like I told him in August, you can't just add oil - and any type at that, you have to change it out and change filters and such. Guess he will listen when they afford transportation next time, or after he and she wear out three or four pairs of shoes..... They think I am going to buy them a car.....yeah right....

            Oil right. Would hate to see your machine go boom.....

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              Tom M:
              Is your machine a flat bed model?

              Do not use motor oil.

              Use ISO30 R&O Gear & Bearing Oil (first choice) or ISO30 Anti-Wear Hydraulic oil (If you can't find the R&O)

              If you have a Milling head, the old 4 speed ones uses a special light grease that you can make by stirring in a quart of the R&O into a couple ounces of grease (a little at a time). If you have the newer 6 speed mill head it uses 75w90 gear oil.

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