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    What are your opinions of keyless chucks? How do they compare to Jacob's ball-bearing chucks?
    Also, has anyone heard of Rohm stuff, made in germany?

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    Generally, people who have them seem to like them. The Albrecht of course is the most well-known, although there's a Rohm keyless chuck that is good too. Apparently there are two grades of Rohm chucks, and you want to be sure to get the better one. (Supra????)

    Personally, I have a plain bearing Jacobs #34, or whatever the number is, and have never had a problem with it. My understanding is that a keyless chucks can't be run in reverse, so you can't use them with a left-hand drill.

    There was a post about keyless chucks a couple of weeks ago that you ought to be able to find in the archive.

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      Drill chuck gets used very often in a shop so my advice is to get the best that you can afford.



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        As much as I like my Albrecht chucks when ever I'm in a bridgeport and I have to shoot holes if I can I restrict myself to standard size drills, reamer shanks etc. Why give up vertical capacity if you can avoid it. Besides I hate cranking the knee up and down any more than I have to. Every good trick I've either learned or taught myself in the last 30yrs is usually the result of laziness on my part. I was taught to work smarter not harder. One of the best lessons I ever learned as an apprentice was when the journeyman I was assigned to had me watch two other journeymen and see just who really got more done. One was an older guy close to retirement, the other had just finished his apprenticeship. The young guy was constantly running back to his box for one thing or another the older gentleman knew what he needed to do the job plus what he might need if something came up that he didn't expect. To this day I try to remind myself of that lesson every time I head for a lathe or mill.
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          We did a thread on this before didn't we? You might want to look back a couple of pages I think it was titled "Rohn vs Albrect".

          Happy Holidays


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            You've left two towns. Nowadays It's never late to talk about quality.
            Is it price?, Brand?, Fashion?, Precision?, or gold finished ?.
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              I have had mixed results. Once you spin a drill in an Albrecht you have a piece of junk. The key chucks have a capability of using the key to tighten it up more, and more uniform if it starts to get "wobbly". Not much, but enough.

              Keyless chuck are not very student proof. I have three, two of dubious accuracy, and one i bought for my after school endeavours.
              CCBW, MAH


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                I use my ER-25 in my mill for nearly every thing. It only gets removed when it absolutely must. I waste just as much time in setups as I do with conventional chucks.


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                  Thanx for all responses.

                  Do you mean the chuck is ruined?



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                    If you do get a keyless chuck, get yourself a strap wrench at the same time. At some point, a drill is going to tighten itself to where it cannot be removed by hand. Pipe wrenches and Channel Locks really screw up a $200.00 chuck.
                    Jim H.


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                      If you have an Albrecht that won't hold a bit. MSC sells everything you need to rebuild them. Of course that ain't free!
                      But if you have any junk albrecht chucks you want to get rid of, I'll pay shipping!