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How do I cut sheet Spring Steel?

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  • How do I cut sheet Spring Steel?

    How do I cut sheet spring steel? I am guessing the material is about 0.040" thick.

    I need to make a disk that is 1.875" round with a 0.625" hole in the center and 8 holes about 0.125" diameter spaced around the outer perimeter every 45 degrees to secure it to one object and another 8 holes just outside of the center 0.625" hole to secure it to the other object.

    I never worked with this stuff and I don't have exotic tools in my shop.



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    Its tough stuff. If you could anneal it then it would be easy to machine. See your local Heat Treat Shop or heat it at 1100 degrees for 12 hours and cool slowly.


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      I don't know how much precision you require, but if it's that thin, HSS tools will work, but they will leave a good burr.

      I would just layout all the holes, centerpunch everything, clamp the piece to a hardwood block, drill all the small holes, screw the part down using 3 or 4 of the 1/8" holes, use a holesaw to cut the disk, then drill out the center to 5/8" and deburr everything.

      I'm sure a real machinist would do it differently, but you said you didn't have a lot of tools.

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        It's not all that tough. It can be machined if you take it slow.
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          Two other pieces of information are necessary to best answer your question. They are 1) what tools do you have in your shop and(2)is the spring steel in the annealed(soft) or hardened state? If it is in the annealed state is will be quite easy to do what you wish, it not it will take more effort and require more sophisticated tools.


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            I have a Rong-Fu drill mill, lathe, bandsaw, and assorted hand tools.

            I don't have a way to anneal the metal, so I would probably be working with tempered spring steel.



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              Sandwitch this piece of spring steel between two pieces of about 1/8" thick mild steel and just go for it.

              Low speed, sharp tools and plenty of coolant.
              Never let the tool rub.
              Done this many times in the past with no problems.

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                Use 135* split point drills and coolant for the holes. files any burs off

                Super glue it to a machined stub and an finish inside and outer dimensions. Release the piece front eh stub with heat - DON'T BREATHE THE FUMES (POISON)


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                  A Dremel with one of those thin cut off wheels can be used to cut out a blank or even to finish if you're not really particular.

                  Maybe layout the holes and OD first, clamp and drill in the mill and then trim the OD to the line with the dremel?

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