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    Hello ALL,

    Hope that the holidays have treated you all nicely!

    I can say that I am in the middle of cerebral atrophy... break from the University is nice. If you care... I would like to share the good news and mention that I made the deans list here! This was unexpected and I am very happy with the news myself.

    Ah... The subject line... yes... found more stuff... this seems to be the mother load of info... I am still looking around! What is nice about this site is the plans and projects... THIS FOLKS IS A "NUTS AND BOLTS" KIND OF WEBSITE:


    I may try to get something together over my break to see if I can make it happen.


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    Junk science at its best!


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      I wouldn't advise invesing one's life savings in any of those projects....
      Try to make a living, not a killing. -- Utah Phillips
      Don't believe everything you know. -- Bumper sticker
      Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. -- Will Rogers
      There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory. - Josh Billings
      Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
      Don't own anything you have to feed or paint. - Hood River Blackie


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        Boeing Aircraft is dumping serious money into something along these lines.


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          Looks good this is what drives the world forward very inovative Alistair p s merry Christmas
          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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            Hello all!

            I come back with more info. I realize that in many cases it is hard to believe in what most call science fiction... this anti gravity topic being one of them.

            I am a minority amoung my peers in Physics when I tell them that I never completely buy into Physics paradigms. If you never believe that the impossible can be done... then you never look to make it happen... so it is my opinion that believing in the seemingly impossible is healthy.

            Here is a NASA site dedicated to investigating some of these skeptical notions:




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              I agree with you. Science looks down its nose at anyone trying to stir the pot or bring new theory to light. My theory is that if what you are doing is not working, then TRY SOMETHING ELSE! But excuse me for pointing out the obvious. That seems to be lost on most. No common sense, no original thinking, no progress. Gee, 55 years ago the thought of going to the moon was retarded, as what Flat screen 60" plasma TV 3" thick that hung on walls, or transistors with features 90 nanometers in size - 60,000,000 on a chip 2 cm square. Science fiction - 55 years ago.

              "Nothing" is impossible. For everything else, there always exists possibilities
              that have not been explored. Or, to put it another way, "the truth is something other than what we know or accept".

              In that light, I always appreciated the audacity of my professor when he proclaimed "this is the way I learned it and there is no reason to bother looking at it any other way". A clothe eared nincompoop of the first order.

              I did look at one of the "antigravity generators" they had on the website. Wobbley magnets. Wow. And generating sparks too! Well duh, with every moving magnetic field there is a electrostatic field perpindicular to it! These guys have no clue.

              Cold fusion is just around the corner - cheap, free, energy. Who will have the balls to release a design when so many filthy rich aholes stand to lose so much? Paint that revolutionary - dead, most likely.

              Profit and greed motivate what comes to market and what is suppressed. Oddly enough, the same thing that motivates organized religion...

              Off apple box mode.


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                The link EBob gave (to NASA) is the most simplistic example of circular reasoning I have ever seen , excepting examples of circular reasoning intended to show how you can fall into the circular reasoning trap! is that circular or not!!!!!.

                NASA "presents" examples of ideas that violate accepted laws of physics and then "proves" the ideas to be un workable by citing the laws that were violated and concluding that the devices do not work becasue they violate the laws cited. Laugh my self to sleep. I am not in any way claiming the devices act in violation of the laws of physisics. I am saying NASA has proved nothing excepting that they will never see a "new Idea" unless it is already well known to NASA.

                My brain hurts just trying to describe the problem- go look at the link your selves.

                I have an old book, listing the accomplishments of the 1800- 1900 era. One of the new recently discovered laws (near 1900) was the law of conservaton of energy and mass. just 50 years later the law had to modified. Now energy and mass are "conserved" but are interchageable!. In my case, when the Abomb went off, the physics teacher could only sputter. Damn near cried. Said all the laws of physics have been violated. Only because the ABOMB could not be denied, was old teach willing to modify his belief. How about this: what would happen if the ABOMB were presented to NASA today? Well, it can not work. It all depends on the mass lost in the "supposed to be be reaction". Since we KNOW matter is never lost, it cannot work. end of matter.

                By the way, That teacher, at a small high school in Arizona (Tolleson), was one of the best teachers I ever had, about the only one who ever felt I could make it through a higher education process, and offered to tutor me if I would just try college and acccept some aid. He believed in me and I shall always be grateful. But, an innovator he was not. And innovation is the reason for science existing.


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                  The nasa pukes recently discovered that the universe is 67% energy according to a recent sat missions. Which explains why the universe is only 33% mass. We understand nothing.

                  I have a bigger revelation for you - God is the Universe and everything in it. (Great, now I am gonna get burned at he stake like the rest! )