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Anyone have experience with Grizzly 12 x 36 lathes

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  • Anyone have experience with Grizzly 12 x 36 lathes

    This kinda goes along with my previous topic. Just curious if any one has experience with Grizzly's G4003 12 x 36 gear head bench lathe? Also, does anyone know of other web sites that might discuss this particular lathe? What are it's shortcomings? What are it's strengths? Has anyone overhauled/modified this lathe to smooth up it's operation. The price is tempting, as it has quite a few accessories included.

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    I am in the same boat as you. I was looking at the G4016 13.5 x 40 lathe though. I have been going back and forth on getting the new import or the used American. I here good things and bad things about both the imports and the old American lathes; gets very confusing. I don't know enough how to tell if a lathe is worn out. The imports are said to need adjustments as soon as you get them and I don't know enough to make the adjustments if I got one. I like the fact that you get several accessories with the new imports. The used American lathes I have seen you don't. I wish I could just take the Clausing lathe and Bridgeport mill home that is here at work.

    Sorry I am not any help.


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      Re the 12X36" Grizzly. I have had the same lathe for 3 years now and I think it is A1!
      What I like is all the assesories you get. It has all the features anyone with a home workshop needs in a lathe. It is extreemly solid, very acurate, powerful etc. I could go on for days because I treasure my machine that much. I have done some real tricky jobs. Only thing It can't do is cut a 11 1/2 pitch thread but I get around that by going to 2.2MM which is within a couple of thou.
      I looked at the Grizzly and it has even more assesories than I got and at a better price!
      These lathes are from Tiwan and are much better than Chinnese. Anyway, thats been my experience.


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        It's me again! Just want to add one more thing re adjustments. The only thing I have had to do for adjustments is to reset the jibs after a few weeks and adjust the crossfeed nut to reduce backlash. This is very easy to do. This is something I have always had to do with any lathe at one time or another. I think all new lathes have to be worked in except the Le Blond which was the finest machine I ever ran but I am talking 35 years ago. My advice is to buy the Grizzly. At 2200 bucks (with stand which is a must) it is a good deal. Would like to know what you end up with.


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          If you can go to their showroom and scope out the machine itself you should to make sure it is what you want.

          I would look for a used quality machine in good condition - you get better workmanship, higher quality, and someone else has taken the hit for depreciation. I have seen old Russian lathes that are better than most of the new (low priced) imports for $600 US.

          Good luck in the hunt!


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            Yes I have one of the older Grizzley 12x36
            gearhead lathes, I have used it for five years. When I bought it I figured it would
            need some work, and it did, the head is adjustable, so I aligned it with the bed, no problem at all. I have done many little improvements to it. If your interested e-mail me and I will let you know the things
            a couple of things I will mention is the
            motor is mounted to a plate at the rear of the headstock, if you have problems with helical chatter like a barberpole around the
            workpiece, change the belt to either a linkbelt or just buy a good American belt
            another thing is if you have choice of motors
            get the American motor, Grizzly rewinds it's
            motors in shop, why? duh!
            The lathe comes equipped with a 6" chuck
            see if you can talk them into an 8" thats
            what my lathe came with I like it far better
            than the dinky 6" that comes with the lathe now.
            They sell a dandy milling attachment, and
            a fine taper attachment, consider these options.
            If I were buying the lathe I would forget the cabinet that comes with it, if that cabinet is still the same as the one I got
            I could surely fab one that is better, I would take the money that the cabinet costs
            extra and apply it to the taper attachment.
            The tool post that came with my lathe is
            a 4 way, now I think they use an aloris knock
            off that functions fine, but my friend had a dickens of a time getting additional toolholders that actually fit his. He made his own, no problem.
            I in no way consider this machine a bad machine, but for the money these machines go for you can't expect everything adjusted and perfect. But they are solid, heavy machines
            that can really put out a lot of work, and in a short time.
            your new friend Jack