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1.125 X 12tpi chuck or adapter plate

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  • 1.125 X 12tpi chuck or adapter plate

    I have a Seneca Falls Star lathe which I have just finished rebuilding. The spindle is 1.125 X 12tpi. Does anyone know of a chuck or adapter plate for this lathe or do I need a machine shop to make one? thanks for the help

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    This is kind of a "bastard" size of spindle - try these guys

    Alternately you can thread your own from a blank - Bison makes well seasoned cast iron backplates in rough (unfinished), semi-finished, and finished form. These are high quality castings with no voids.

    Cast iron is material of first choice because of its dampening properties. Steel or Aluminum can be used if you so decide, but Aluminum should be your last choice. If you are making a faceplate, Aluminum can be handy as a sacrificial surface over your cast iron face plate. Much like a wood strip on a saw fence when using the dado blade - it is something that you can drill, tap, or cut into if need be and then just remove it for the next project.