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Cutting acme threads

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  • Cutting acme threads

    Well were still at it- Building that router lath for wood turning. I have purchsed some very nice aluminun channel from a scrap yard that has been machined on all sides. I'll use this for the rails. I am not able to find threaded rod (acme thread) 4 tpi, I find 5 in 7/8" and 6 and 8 in 5/8". I have an Atlas lathe (10") and considering turning some 5/8 aluminum rod with acme threads. I've got all the gears for the threading and likly could calculate the feed rates etc. Think it would be better to attempt this or buy it. I need 6 feet of acme thread and 2 nuts. This is then the driver for the wood router within the aluminum channels. This device takes wood and makes sprial cuts. Tom

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    Enco, for one, lists 1 1/2" - 4 Acme threaded rod. That's certainly big, but if it has to be 4 TPI, there it is. Why not use 8 TPI and change the gearing to slow it down? (5/8"-8)
    Also, would aluminum threads be durable enough for your purpose?


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      Sprocket has the best solution (cheapest) for you. Forget Aluminum Acme screws. You will NOT be able to make them properly and to your satisfaction on your machine. Aluminum Sucks as a screw - trust me on this.

      If you insist on 4 pitch then consider purchasing proper material from a national supplier such as Saginaw (Thompson), or any of the other motion control suppliers. This will save you a lot of lost hair and money.


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        Is there any reason it HAS to be 4tpi? I suppose the idea is, if you're doing spiral fluted columns and such, you'll need a pretty agressive feed 1 turn per 6" or something. If you're building everything, do as Sprocket suggests: use 5 or 8 tpi and modify the gearing to suit, assuming there's enough space to fit in a 5:4 or 2:1 gear ratio someplace.

        Or get the 1 1/2-4 threaded rod and make it Robust!

        Oh -- I'm with Thrud -- can the idea of aluminum screws. They might conceivably work if you got a really hard alloy and had them hard-surface anodized, but from generic 6061 or whatever? Forget it. Especially trying to make one 6' long.

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          Ok, I believe aluminum threads would not be the best choice. I'll purchase some thread rod (acme) gear it down/up to make it work. Thanks for the insight. Tom