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    While getting out of my jeep Christmas Eve, I turned and managed to stick my eye with a branch of a nightshade bush. I toughed it out for a few hours, but contrary to previous experience with eye injuries the pain got worse not better and my wife drove me to urgent care just after dinner. Well, after some anesthetic eye drops put me in a much better mood the kind doctor informed me I'd scratched my cornea rather deeply and that it would be "uncomfortable" the next day. I asked for some of the magic eye drops but was told they led to blindness if overused, so we left with a prescription for Vicodan and some antibiotic eyedrops... by the time I got
    the Vicodan the eye drops had worn off and I was pretty eager for some relief. I spent the next day (Christmas) in a haze, with the
    worst edge off the pain but still in distress. Ended up sleeping about 18 hours that day and the better part of the next as well.

    Fortunately eye injuries like this heal quickly, and this one is largely gone save
    some blurring which I expect to be gone tomorrow. However, I thought I'd remind
    everyone who sometimes cheats on eye protection that this isn't a game you want to lose. Wear your eye protection! The doctor
    told me some of her patients received their
    injuries because of things richoceting up
    inside their glasses.... so wear something
    close fitting. I know my next purchase for
    the shop will include better safety gear for
    me everyone else who's around the shop.

    Better safe than sorry -

    - Bart
    Bart Smaalders

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    Take care of that eyeball - they are hard to replace!

    I was hit by a flying paint chip once, and I had poper eye safety wear on as well. It is not always possible to protect yourself...


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      I have two mashed lenses of mine right on my wall in a frame. I also have a scratch that has never healed from a chip that got me over the top. Eyes hurt like hell some mornings, I have to put in some opthmalagic ointment in about twice a week. Sonmeday this will heal, but then again, it will now and then get irritated.

      I now buy these really close fitting close to the eyes wrap around glasses for my students. If I can fit 1/2 the width of my little finger between a face and the lens on top or bottom, the glasses are not considered safe, and they must go well beyond the eye on the side.

      Started buying these four years ago. Eye incidents went down from 4 to 6 chips per year before then to one incident on 4 years, and this turned out to be a freaking eyelash as determined by the E-Room.

      ALWAYS Z87 impact. Find this on the bow. I prove this rating by getting three sets of the glasses from the vendor each year (freebies), and taking them to the workbench in front of the class. I get out the BFH (Big Hammer), and beat the living hell out of the glasses. They never break or crack.

      This makes an impact. I have rejected many home bought or "My dad gave me these from his shop" glasses due to improper ratings, or too big of holes between the face and lens. Irritated many a parent doing this until i told them "Alright, if you insist, then sign this form that relieves me and the school of all responsibility for any injuries that occur (which is common anyway, they sign the same form day one), but now I put that they certify the glasses, not me, and tht I disagree with this course of action, but have to comply with parents wishes (red stupidity).

      None have signed this.....But I then say they signed a similar waiver anyway....

      My vendor whole heartedly certifies my safety glasses, thus the heat off of me. I also make them buy them from the vendor, but this is a different avenue from the discussion at hand.

      Take care of the eye injury, and be safe.
      CCBW, MAH


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        When I was in highschool I went through the windshielf of a car (1970) and lost sight in one eye. Needless to say I am very lucky to be alive.

        I wear glasses all the time now and I have polycarbonate lenses in ALL of my glasses. When I am working in the shop I also wear a full face clear polycarbonate face shield. Its so simple to do. You can pick them up at any welding supply shop quite inexpensively. You might be amazed at how often I have to clean the large face shield from coolant or whatever else that hits it.

        I also replace the large face shield ($4) often because of scratches. This is such a simple and effective thing to do it ought to be a law! Only thing is that you need to be quick if you have to sneeze.


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          Thank for the post Bart.
          It is good that we be reminded every so often to be careful.
          Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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            once I broke a cutoff wheel in my angle grinder, not sure how cause it happend so fast, I am sure glad that in addition to safety glasses I had a face shield on, part of the wheel penetrated the plastic, didnt think that it should of but it did. now I wear a face shield to bed. the lady thinks its a little wierd. anything for the eyes!

            Have fun, be safe(relatively)



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              I use my FibreMetal Welding helmet when I grind and just flip my gold lens up. I cover the gold lens on both sides with polycarbonate and have 2 sheets in the helmet itself for grinding. Cover sheets are cheap. I also wear high impact plastic safety lenses under the helmet.

              TIP: never leave your helmet face down in the shop - particles of metal can accumulate and get in your eyes during use just by breathing. I always hang mine up in a closet or cover it with clean coveralls. I also wash it out with soapy water every so often. It still looks new.


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                Can anyone suggest a good source for eye safety wear?



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                  Check this out


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                    Do a goggle search.
                    Jim H.


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                      A good friend of mine was laying a wooden floor in his house .He encountered a brass screw in the floor which, when he atttempted to remove the head jus mangled up .So he took the screwdiriver and tried to hit it out with a hammer using the screwdriver like a chisel ( very clever) the small piece of the head broke off and penetrated his eye.He went to the local hospital and they sent him home with a dab of cream onto the affected area.It became so painful later in the night he had his wife take him back to the same hospital were they looked at it properly and had to operate to replace the lense with a plastic one. Also had when I was young, I remember the bosses wife got her hair caught up in a small grinder polisher. She was bleeding profusely by the time she was freed but otherwise not seriously injured thank god but these things happen so easily Alistair God bless and a happy new year
                      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                        Been in trade 28 years, had a blue chip go over top of glasses and burn eye. Now wear a hat when chips are flying. Life can be changed in a second so be careful and use common sense.


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                          A good source for eyewear is Fastenall. These shops are all over the place. They sell the Crew glasses I like so much, and for $3.50 per pair. I have been through probably 12 different manufacturers to vend for my shop, these are the best I have found.

                          Shields are best when grinding and such.

                          I wear a hat in the shop, also have chuck guards of Lexan. They are expensive on the front end of cost, but the long run is great. Chips off of chuck jaws is the biggest issue in my shop.

                          I also have developed some lexan guards for my mills when using carbide facing mills. Things of beauty, and so simple it scares me that someone else has not come up with them. Safe for not getting in the way as well...., set up in 30 seconds. The old Bridgeport guard they tried to develop was a rube goldberg mess of a thing that was more of a safety issue than anything I have ever seem....
                          CCBW, MAH


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                            Maybe someone knows why prescription safety glasses are so stupid...

                            1) they all seem to com only with the clip-on side shields. These are universally loose and slide around, and the eyeglass folks refuse to do anything (forbidden by law is the excuse) about it.

                            2) They are aonly available in styles that leave enormous gaps all around the lenses and shields. Seems actually worse than regular glasses.

                            3) if you have bifocals, your options seem to drop sharply to even less useful types.

                            I agree in principle with the face shield idea, but I find that I would rather go back upstairs and read than wear it for long in the shop. Fogs up, making seeing difficult, bumps into things, still lets chips and/or dust past, etc, etc, etc.

                            Obviously others do better, and I am wondering how.............