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  • Racine power hack

    does anyone know where I can find info on the used old hack I bought today? It is just the right size for my shop, and is void of a s/n and model # tag. It looks to have abt. a 6 to 8 in. cutting stroke, and has already been converted to a 110 v s/f machine. It appears to have a downfeed and also a belt drvien coolant pump. I have always wanted a small hack, bid on several larger than this but could never find one for less than 200. til now. Is Racine still in bus. ? If any one has a manual or instruction book I will pay you to copy and send it to me. Thanks. P.S. I know the argument for the superior bandsaw, but I kind of like the hack machines. This one is heavy ( abt. 550 #). thanks Paul

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    I bought an old Racine Power hacksaw a while back too. I have exhausted many areas of research. What I get is that Racine is no longer in business. The library in Racine where the saw was made has no info about the saw or the company. I also checked with a couple of machinery museums without luck. I do have some photos that someone on one of these threads sent me if that will help. I needed to see how the feed mechanism works because mine is missing some parts. I will e mail photos if that helps. Let me know if you come up with anything please.