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  • TIG from Harbor Frieght

    Has any one used this TIG head:

    And what has been the power source? A buzz box or MIG welder?


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    I have a (relatively new) Lincoln AC/DC buzz box and according to the Lincoln and Miller welding engineers there is absolutely NO way I can adapt a Hi Frequency unit to it to make it work! I tried to go this route as a cheap way to get into TIG welding. Apparently when a TIG arc is established it draws about 5 - 7 times the amperes that the transformers in the "buzz boxes" are rated for. IF you are able to strike an arc it will fry the transformer coils in about 5 seconds!!! Thats what I've been told. I have no reason to think that they would lie to me and I sure don't want to hook one up to prove them right!
    If you buy this air cooled TIG torch proceed accordingly.


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      Ken,don't see how that torch is going to draw more amperage than a welding rod. Shouldn't be as much as a carbon arc torch. The HF just makes starting an arc much easier.The duty cycle of your welder will come into play maybe. ??? I won a door prize at a welding seminar where they were demonstrating a HF unit. They used the same Lincoln 225 AC welder I have along with the Lincoln High Frequency unit to weld up a aluminum sign. Welding was done with a stick rod. Nice!!


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        That TIG torch looks like a plain torch, and as such will work with a DC welder. It will require an Argon regulator and flow meter, as one is not shown in photo.
        A torch like this can be used with a plain DC power supply for steel and stainless welding. A Hi Freq unit will be needed for aluminum welding. The Hi Freq unit also makes establishing an arc simpler, but scratch starting is easily mastered.
        Not a bad price for a torch only.
        I have heard differing opinions as to whether a torch of this type can be used with a MIG welder as power supply. I would be interested in hearing more on this subject.
        Jim H.


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          If you really want a TIG take my advice and go to a welding distributor and get a rig from them. There you can have a professional help you get the best rig for the money and to avoid crap. Be honest with them and tell them what your budget is and what you would like to do with it. It would behoove you to save your money and get a high performance multi-purpose unit that will last you a life time than to screw around and nickle and dime yourself to death. The problem with a $40 TIG torch is an electrode and ceramic gas nozzle costs more than that - in other words it is unlikey to give you any Joy-Joy over the long run. When shopping for torches pick one that suits your needs, but has commonly available supplies (and thus cheaper) - you do not want some bastard child with odd-ball parts.