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Converting Atals 10" from Babbitt to Temkin

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  • Converting Atals 10" from Babbitt to Temkin

    Need help in assessing the issue of changing from babbitt to roller bearings for 10" atlas lathe- Where is a good place to get the bearings and is there a standard Temkin for this lathe? The lathe runs good, somewhat noisy that is reduced by frequent oiling, however after turning a while, I look like i've been in a grease gun fight. This lathe has those screw cups that press the grease into the pully bearings and it tends to throw globs of grease and oil. Perhaps I should sell it and go modern with a newer style. I know my laundry bill would be reduced.

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    look on ebay. There are people who part out the lathes somewhat frequently. It should be a bolt-on switch. The boss on the plain bearing headstock is way too small to fit the Timken bearings and I don't think it would be possible to do it even if you made new bearing caps.


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      Why not make new Babbit or porous Bronze bushings for it?


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        Or adjust the journal bearings to take out the slop?
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          Tom,you're working on the jackshaft bearings,aren't you ? Ask a lube supplier for a grease that doesn't sling off. There's some out there,but I can't remember the name.I've got the same lathe,but don't grease those bearings so much.You could put a felt band around the joint to catch the blobs.


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            The British made Raglan 'Little John' lathe was loosely based on the Atlas 10", and it used Timken P5 grade bearings for the spindle [Cup KL16284B ~ Cone KL16150 - Cup/Cone assembly #16150-90020]. However, I agree with 'gvasale' on this one and I do not think you will have room to fit these bearings.

            As George says, are you over lubing the bearing?? and if that is not the cause of the problem, but a worn bush is, why not refurbish the original bearings?



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              As noted in the previous posts, if grease is coming out of the countershaft, the seals are gone or not snug against the bearing blocks. New seals must be homemade. Journal bearings are used here. Gulf Bearing #93324 will replace them.


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                I know of a few folks that have made this swap, and, although it's worthwhile, it's meant changing headstocks. The babbitt bearing headstock has bolt-on bearing caps, while the Timken bearing headstock is a one-piece casting. You may have to face this if you want to change bearing types. Don't know that the tapered roller bearings can be well-seated in a babbitt-bearing headstock. I have a roller-bearing machine and can probably get you the bearing data if you like. Pouring new babbitt is possible if you've got the gumption to figure out how it's done.

                As for the countershaft bearings, there is a way to reduce the mess. An extreme-pressure chassis grease will resist slinging better. Use no oil to thin it. Me, I ditched the grease cups and drilled and tapped zerk fittings in the ends of the countershaft. Been working well like this for three years now. End of mess.

                Hope this helps,