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  • Wilton equipment

    Has anyone ever used a Wilton Mill or any wilton equipment.I was looking at one in the grainger catalog and was wonder about the quipment.Thanks for any help. Neil.

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    Wilton used to make some top notch vices, etc but are now part of Jet and a drill press company that I can't remember the name of tonight. Don't know who bought who but I suspect that Wilton was bought by Jet. I think Wilton is now selling China junk under the Wilton reputation.


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      OUr manufacuters are like women in some occupied country. When times got tight, they sold their reputations and honor like whores on the street, but to a higher clientale. Then next step is to go work the streets cause no man wants them anymore. Then it disease, poverty and wishing for death!.

      Damn the company who built and earned a fine reputation and then sells their NAME to highest bidder for a short term profit. Its a strong sign that they never expect to have us buy their product again based on knowledge and pride of owning a xxxxx tools. Many a man has learned that one of his most valuable assests is his rep, and when its gone he never gets back on his feet. His friends know he slipped and his enemies wait til they can exploit his slip.

      So Wilton? if its old, beat up, loooks like hell, but still works- buy it. Its good stuff. If its nice and shiney- you pays your money and takes your chances.