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    Thought of a cheap trick for the lathe. After spending a couple of weeks at home for the holiday school break, I had to play with the toys. I cleaned up the machines and oiled everything with way oil before I left. Cleaning the lead screw is a pain. It would be nice to keep lead screw clean until I am ready to thread.

    I seen a 14x40" machine at House of Tools that had this telescoping spring type deal that looked neat. It keeps the chips off the screw. We inquired about one for our 12x36, but will likley never see it as these China parts are difficult to come by. We would also have to do some mods.

    On my flight back to school I was thinking of an easier/cheaper method to keep screw clean. I thought of using a plastic shower curtain rod cover. They are thin pastic that could be poped on or off the lead screw when threading and should clear open half nuts Seen tons of these at Walmart and such for about a $1. They also come in various colors. Yippi! Have not had a chance to try this out yet but it should work. I realize this is only useful on machines that have seperate drives and lead screws like mine, which seems to be the norm on the newer imports and larger machines.

    Anyone else have any other cheap tricks to share. Just read one about using a cookie sheet under the ways to catch the chips.


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    I don't think I've ever had a problem with chips on the lead screw, but you never know.


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      easiest way I've found to clean leade screw is cotton bailing twine. One wrap, turn it on, and let it work. TP dispenser on the tailstock is a really handy addition. Just the right amount of mat'l to clean the flutes from cutters, oil from the numbers, etc. Trust me, it is worth the comments you'll get about the quality of your work
      I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.