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Can I mount any electric motor vertically?

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  • Can I mount any electric motor vertically?

    Does an electric motor have to be manufactured specifically for vertical mounting? Will the thrust load from vertical mounting destroy a regular ball bearing motor? Or can I pick up any brand name motor from ebay and mount it vertically? Thanks for any replies.

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    I don't think you need to worry. Motor bearings are typically "deep groove," I think, designed to take a certain amount of axial load.
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      That is a maybe.....sleeve bearing motors have less axial load capability that ball bearing motors. Sometimes they have virtually NO end load capabilty.

      However, the magnetic field tends to pull the rotor into the correct position during operation. It's not a perfect centering, but at least reduces loading for pulley driving applications with little weight on the shaft aside from the rotor.

      Actual end loading, as with a fan etc, is not a good thing unless the bearings are made for thrust. And anything where a weight hangs from the shaft should be evaluated.