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  • Tapering Guide

    Do they make a tapering guide for the HB 12 X 36 Lathe? If they don't has anyone on here made a homemade one?

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    I think one can be had, expensive though (5-700). You may have to go to Enco, Grizzly, or a real machinery dealer.

    Thare is a plan for making a taper attachment that I sen on the web. In a Yahoo group, I think. oryan


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      There's a recent thread on taper attachments in the Third Hand forum. Here's a link:

      One of the designs uses spacers or gage blocks to set the angle like a sine bar. I think that's a terrific idea. I wish I'd thought of that when I built a taper attachment for my Jet.


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        is on the very bottom.(about 4 meg of pictures to load tho) I made a taper-design guide for my lil lebond. I was cutting english wheel anvils to pattern. It works, tho is all hand-work on the handles. I am still learning and this ideal hit me. cutting a template from sheetmetal with a plasma cutter. My mount is made from a C-clamp and angle iron.

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