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Problems with SouthBend 9B

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  • Problems with SouthBend 9B

    I took my spindle out and noticed that where the wipers are supposed to be, theres nothing but a rusted spring. Can I use something alittle more mordern to replace the wipers. I also am having a hard time removing my backgear assembly, I think thats what its called. There appears to be two pins but they aren't coming out with a punch and hammer. Any ideas.

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    The springs were wrapped around wicking or felt. Replace with something similar. Remember that you must depress these when reassembling by pushing them down and holding them there with a small rod through the small hole above the oil cup.
    The back gear is held by taper pins so you must figure out wich is the big end and drive them out accordingly. John


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      On my 9"C I found the spindle oiler was by way of spring loaded wooden pegs when I stripped it down. I thought someone had been joking putting a piece of wood in there. Then I contacted SBL spares dept. with a list of spares, in amongst which was a request for new spindle oilers.....Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be wood!! (But, it must be special wood as the price was soooo high!!)