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  • Bevel End Mills

    I spotted in the 2003 Grizzly Catalog, bevel end mills. are these really end mills, like dovetails or are just finishing tools?

    Here is the website:

    They are list on page 454 in their catalog and here is the online catalog refernce also:

    I have a use for this design to cut some edges for me, but will these work for that?


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    Most cutting tool companies call these champher mills. I really dont know how good these are but then I've always ground my own out of endmills that got lunched, And yes they're primarily used for finishing. End mills by yhteir very definiton are capable of cutting with the bottom of the tool.
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      I have several of these (polish made), they work well but take light passes, no heavy cuts or excessive speed.
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        This side of the pond we call them inverted dovetails! They are great for edge finishing if you don't have a universal table/universal head on your mill. As chief says ....light passes, and keep speed down.



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          A variation on the same theme are corner rounding cutters - they come in various radii, and produce a nice rounded edge. Not sure what your specific use is, but they may be an option.

          As with the bevel end mills, they tend to have straight cut teeth, so fast feeds will give a pretty ripple effect!

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