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  • air filtration in the shop

    I just got one of those ceiling mounted air cleaners from Jet. I love it for cleaning dust out of the air....but since the colder weather, I've had to keep the shop closed tight and have noticed respitory problems from coolant mist/steam....and of course welding smoke and fumes. Normally I exhuast the source with a blower out of the shop....but I'm trying to preserve my warmth.

    Here's the question. I would like to replace the filter elements in the Jet AFS-1000B air cleaner with something that will clear smoke and mist. Grainger has a bazillion different types that will fit but what type of filter or efficiency rating or particle size does it take?


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    I have a friend who had a similar problem he tried a few types of filters and a few worked but the trouble he ran into was cost as the filters had to be changed often.His solution was to switch to a dust collector with a low volume and a high static pressure.Then what he did was direct the exhaust into 55 gallon drum that was half full of water using a pipe that was perforated below the water line.This setup captures all the dust,coolant and chips in one shot and because its indoors you don't lose all the heat.A side benifit is it also replaces some of the humidity lost to heating systems which in my own experience drys out sinuses.And as with any coolant or air moving system you need to be mindful of the bacteria problem.A dirt ladden filter is bad enough, but add a little water and o-boy! Some disinfectant in the coolant tank and filter system now amd then will go a long way to respritory health too.
    I just need one more tool,just one!