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  • Knurled Pin ?

    I'm trying to find a source for this knurled end dowel pin or what ever you want to call it. These are used for the KO Lee base fixture lock clamp.
    I gave KO a call this morning with the PN#. The guy looks it up and says 83. OK, I'll take 10 of them. He says are you sure, I said well at 83 cents I'll keep a few on hand for future use.
    He says no, they are $83 dollars each. I said well why didn't you say you didn't want to sell me any.

    These pins measure .186 in dia. the knurl is about .190 + - and is about 1/4" long. The OAL of the pin is 1"

    I tried making one, but the collett just wouldn't grip the 3/16" dia. rod with enough holding force for me to straight knurl the end, it kept slipping.

    So does anyone know of a source for these??


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    Would these work?
    Kansas City area


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      It might, but the knurling is a little too long and would probably jam in the fixture hole.
      If I could keep the rod from slipping I could make them.



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        For $83 apiece I think I'd try putting a really fine grind on a cold chisel and banging some handmade knurls on a few.

        ...or turn down and knurl a section on a larger (say 1/4") piece, then turn it down to size after knurling. But then I don't really know the particulars of your application, so take that with a grain of salt.
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          If it were my problem, I'd skip the knurling. Just make a whole new part. Drill and ream for press fit on the pins. Once you press them in, they should stay put. There may be a Loctite product designed to lock press fits, too.



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            Originally posted by Toolguy View Post
            Buy the 3/16x1 pins, fine tune the length of the knurl using you T&C grinder.


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              I think you can make your own but due to the small diameter and easy bending you will need a clamp type knurling tool set up with two straight knurls.

              The real trick if you are trying to match existing holes that were swaged by old pins will be matching the number of "teeth".

              On the other hand if this will be new made parts you need the pins for then I think I would use plain pins and simply drill the holes for the pins and then use under and oversize reamers to get a press fit on the undersize side and a snug but still slip fit on the other detachable side. Reamers to provide these fits on dowel pins are available without any big issue.
              Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                I do have an aloris clamp type knurling tool. The problem I ran into is the 5c collet doesn't grip the 3/16 diameter rod with enough gripping force to keep it from slipping, otherwise I would have been ok.
                I'm I'm not worried about trying to line the splines up, the clamp bar is soft. I made a couple of them.



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                  If you're making something of your own another possible option is a bottle of Loctite 680. Ream for a nice fit with a regular smooth dowel pin and glue the pin into one side instead of worrying about the splines idea. That way you only need the "slip fit" reamer to do both sides and then glue the pin into the one side.

                  It'll still be removable but it'll just take some heat to do so. Up around 300F or so I understand.

                  At any rate there's a few possible options that don't require splined pins.
                  Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                    Is there something wrong with your collet?


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                      Originally posted by old mart View Post
                      Is there something wrong with your collet?
                      No, nothing wrong with my collet. A 5C at 3/16" has about 5/8" length of gripping surface, mabe a little less and just not enough surface area to sufficiently hold the rod from slipping when knurling.
                      What I will do today is make a 1 1/2" long split collar. That will give me a lot more gripping length. My chuck won't close small enough to hold 3/16" dia. stock. 5/16" is as small as it will go.
                      I've made a lot of split collets to hold small dia. parts.



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                        I would go with the McMaster pins and turn or grind the excess knurl down to pin diameter.


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                          Originally posted by Illinoyance View Post
                          I would go with the McMaster pins and turn or grind the excess knurl down to pin diameter.
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                            Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post

                            The Ack back or echo feature must be enabled in the new forum software.
                            It's ok for several people to have the same opinion...

                            That's what I would do as well.


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                              Why not knurl the end of your pins with a pair of slip joint pliers.
                              From Central Arkansas