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I need some serious technical help!

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  • I need some serious technical help!

    oK Folks!

    I realize that this is not a machining problem... but I know enough to know that this group is very intelligent and may have a technical solution.

    Here is the problem (I am sure that we have all been victims of this to some degree):

    I live in an apartment building with a neighbor that loves to play his music very loud! In trying to keep peace... going next door is not an option. I have even played my music so loud that I know he hears it and he still won't turn his down... this guy loves to get stoned and I think he doesn't care what we think.

    I had the notion of trying to create some electromagnetic interference... but I am not sure how to go about this and I am not sure it will work if he is playing CDs.

    The web has been of no help and I figure big brother is now monitoring me since I tried looking this stuff up. I have no intention beyond making it very irritating for my neighbor to turn up his music so loud that my wife is all over me.

    CAN YOU HELP?!?!


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    check out
    Don't know if they work or if legal but they have a message board where you might ask how.

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      You pay taxes?

      Then call the police. That is one of there duties, to keep the peace. Let them go next door.

      I don't know why you can't go next door, but my first recourse would be to negotiate something with the neighbor. Maybe he could agree to a schedule.

      If it were me, I'd be thinking something like allowing him to play loud music only when you are not home and allowing him to use drugs never. In return for his capitulation he doesn't get busted. Sounds fair and neighborly to me.

      If that didn't work, then the police are a fine option for me. I am sure they would love to join his party, too.

      Don't try to do something like cause interference (particularly if it involves RF - the FCC can be extremely nasty and it is a felony, anyway). You are likely to go to jail and your neighbor will continue to get stoned.


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        Rent a couple thousand watts of PA gear and blast it back at him in the middle of the night. Try to get somethng that you know he wont like listening too. hehe.


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          Trying to be more obnoxious than he is probably is a bad idea. As the old feller said, "Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk."

          I think we need to know why going next door and talkind to the guy is not an option. Seems like the logical way to go about solving the problem.

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            I know that Ham radio operaters have a real problem with causing interference.

            Now that would be a real damn shame if you have a friend bring over his 1KW transmitter to show you and he accidently keyed it up. Bet you those speaker cones fly right out the window. The louder he has it the better.
            Where would he begin to look.

            Too bad, so sad


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              Revenge and spite are hostility escalators and can lead to violence.

              Stick up for your rights. As a citizen you have an obligation to. You have several options.

              First open discussion with the neighbor, politely explain the situation, and negotiate peaceful accommodation.

              If the neighbor seems intimitating or you anticipate reprisal, consult with your neighbors and form an action committee. Take your problem to the landlord and notify him unruly and disruptive tenants are his problem. Explain the situation and tell him what you want him to do: convince your noisy neighbor to keep his music down or evict him.

              If your landlord is tolerating a nuisance or contenancing drug activity (sometimes in exchange for money or drugs), he's skating on thin ice and can forfeit his building. Your local city counsel or renter's association can explaing your options and how best to approach your landlord. They'll be in the phone book.

              There are noise hours in most cities, generally 9 AM to 9 PM weekdays and Sunday and 9 AM to midnite Friday and Saturday. Loud music out of hours is a slam dunk for the cops.

              Loud music is one of the postive indicators for drug activity. Screen your neighbor's visitors, note licence plates, keep a chronology and activity log, and contact your drug enforcement task force once you've gathered a critical mass of information. If they run the plates and come up with hits on known drug offenders or felons, you can bet they will be watching your neighbor.

              Above all don't yield to temptation for reprisal. In fits of anger, firearms can present an irresistable temptation. If you have them, well, keep them and yourself under close control.

              We had a drug and gang situation in my declining neighborhood. We called the cops separately several times but ultimately organized, set up a watch, and forced eviction. dealing with scowling punks seemed frightening for a time but in the end they had little inclination to go against our united front and the police.


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                For those that have replied so far... THANKS!

                I had figured correctly with judging this gentleman... being polite and kind did no good.

                Quiet hours around here start at 10pm and it matters not until then as far as he is concerned. Now that I have talked to him he has decided to keep his base up just loud enough that things here will be not pleasant.

                This was why I wanted to not bring it to his attention about the noise... this will cause friction between us until July when we get to move onto campus.

                I would also say that cops and drugs thing just would get more ugly... Boulder Colorado is pretty laxed about canibis... with the current results... I am not even going to go there.

                See... that is why I wanted a covert method... if he gets electro magnetic interference from an unknown source... and that white noise only happens when he turns up the music... he will be less likely to crank it UP!!

                I don't want to be vengeful or cause permanent damage... I just want my wife to be happy... which well... would make me happier. I am not asking for him to turn it off either... just down enough not to bother us.

                SO... now that you know this... anymore ideas?!


                p.s. The best way to avoid conflict is to never be there. Quote from Budo teachings.


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                  Mercury has a CD of the early sterio recording of Tchaikovsly's "1812 Overture" with real cannon fire and carillon. The cannons are 12 lb. Napoleons like they used in the Civil War. It is pure bliss to hear the finale with cannon & carillon bells with excellent separation. You should try it the morning after a bad period of loud music. If necessary the cannon fire should cover the sound of a couple of 30-06 rounds to complete the solution. Anyone abusing his neighbors with loud music is a lowlife unworthy of consideration. Excellent earphones are available at a reasonable cost these days.


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                    Look into Bose or other active noise reduction technology. Used in aviation headsets, and actually built into some aircraft, it creates an opposite wave form to the noise and so cancels it out. Don't know how this would work in your apartment, but it might be fun to try.


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                      If the local cops are lax about drug use, why can't they do anything about the noise? How about the county boys?
                      Another tactic I have used to get a landlord to fix things is withholding rent. In some locations this is legal; check first.


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                        Most civilized places on the planet take a dim view to loud noise after 10PM. Phone the police and let them handle it. If the guy keeps it up then notifiy the landlord in writing.

                        If that fails call a lawyer and explore legal recourse.

                        DO NOT TRY ANYTHING STUPID.


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                          If all else fails, you always have the option of moving to an apartment complex where the manager cares enough to address complaints.


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                            Call the cops. When it happens again, call the cops. When it happens again, call the cops.

                            Each time you call they take a report. You make think you are nuisance, but your neighbor is the problem.

                            Believe me, lax or not, your neighbor is not going to like repeat visits from police.

                            This is what your tax dollars are for, use the services they provide and get some peace.

                            Also, consult other neighbors and make a group effort where every time it happens, they all call the cops!

                            Forget the interference stuff. Last thing you need is a police record and a law suit (against you).


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                              Back in the Corps, I was quartered with a bunch of young sergants. Some loved "american Band stand", another group played music too loud. I rigged up a low power RF noise maker that would interfere with the TV. When the Noise got too loud, ON went to noise maker, turn down the stero, OFF went the RF. The men figured the casue and effect quickly, the stero at high volume, generated a signal that messed up the TV. They thumped, wiggled connections, tried every thing but it only occured at high levels. I even helped them by letting them take the stero to my shop and we did EVERYTHING anyone could think of to makethe probelm repeat. No joy that way. ultimately they decided to either get a new stero or or tv. But could not figure out which- I even suggested it might be something like a bad connection to flourescent lamps that vibrated, and made interference. Seemed that nothing worked excepting keeping the stero at low volume.

                              I never had a thing to say about the volume, any arguments were between the two groups. Problem just wnet away .

                              The guys who loved American Band stand knew the girls and had favorites. Another Sergant and I (he was married) luahged about the way the guys watched. He could not believe the intensity the men had. So to prove my point, I asked couplke of the watchers about a gal- said Fisher (the married sgt) and I were trying to be sure we were speaking of the same gal. We had a purely imaginary gal we described (kind of a generic gal), one who was dressed like this on one day last week ,and like this on another day. Quiet a debate ensued. They all finaly agreed that we maust be talking of XXXXX. They were happy that the Fish and I were getting with the program.

                              Moral is: "Guile and cunning ........" etc does work.