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Off topic.Making a Lifetime outdoor plastic box

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    I just pulled a plexiglass sign out of a fixture so I could replace bulbs- the plexi broke into pieces so easily I couldn't even get it into the car in one piece. Painted steel can last a long time, and zinc coated steel can also. Note I said zinc coated, not galvanized which as I've seen is either so thin a layer, or is a cheaper and less long-lived layer. One thing with steel is that it will still have structural integrity long after it starts looking bad- most if not all available plastics will become brittle and lose strength. I don't know of any plastics which will live a long time- except perhaps epoxy resin with uv proof color coat and glass fiber. If you maintain the coating, the epoxy embedded fiberglass will maintain the strength.

    Perhaps alclad, a structural aluminum sheet with a layer of pure aluminum on the surface would be about the longest-lived material you could normally get and use. I'm thinking airplane skins- or how about a powder coated aluminum sheet? It might be possible to buy that- choose your color etc. Assemble with aluminum rivets. I've never looked into the uv resistance of powder coat- would it make a better 'paint' than you normally might find on siding?


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      I think you have a good and practical solution.

      However: Lifetime and plastic don't go together. Plastic degrades over time.

      I need to replace my water heater. Has plastic lines to it. I will replace all the lines with copper. My buddy say use PEX. Nope. Not for me.


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        You might have been able to get a large storage tote as a cover. A 50 gallon tote is 43" x 21" x 18" and costs less than $30:

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          Who would want lifetime anyways? that Quads most likely going to shell out a trans bearing or pump a connecting rod through the block in the next 5 or 10 years anyways lol


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            Nothing lasts forever. Even Keith Richards will experience that, sooner or later

            You could use Coroplast- the corrugated-looking panel that's commonly used for making signs, etc. Usual is 1/8 thick, I had some in 3/8 thick that I've made some boxes out of- pretty strong stuff actually.

            Don't forget about Aspenite. Pretty ugly if you can see it, or have to paint it, but you can build a box from it, then cover it with Coroplast. Aspenite will last a good while if you don't have it in ground contact. Replace the coroplast when it's time is up.
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