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    Originally posted by Wheels17 View Post

    It appears very few people make KMoffet's decision, but it seems like it would work best for me as well. Are there any others out there who went with close vision when they had cataract surgery? I'd be interested in hearing about your experience as well.
    I went with arms length vision (so I can find my glasses). But it ended up as 9" focus distance. I like it, it is what I was actually figuring on but the doc was very discouraging about. the 9" is actually longer distance than th 5" before surgery, and I am better able to "find my glasses" as a result.

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      Close up vision is tough to do. Making a lens appear to be focused from 6 feet to infinity is easy in comparison. As the follow ups here indicate, there are NOT 95% happy patients here! A biggy I think is the the right doctor. I found mine by recommendation from the optician I have known for 30 years. He said he thought the guy in the eye doctor office net door might be good. Turns out he teaches this procedure at Wills Eye in Philadelphia and my results were thankfully perfect.

      One other thing to know. It is quite common for Epithelial cells to grow over the new lens causing starring in your night vision. I had laser treatment for that in both eyes about 4 years apart.