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  • wooden machinist chests

    hello. new to message boards.looking for plans to build wooden tool chests. found one set that was impressive designed by morrison originals in detroit. was wondering if they have a web site.

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    I'm in the process of building a tool box now. It will have 50 drawers and a small cabinet. Most of the boxes I have seen all have real deep drawers. Quite a few of mine are only going to be 1 1/2" deep. Most machinist tools will fit in shallow drawers. The deeper ones are just wasted space. It's going to be six feet long by two feet deep by three feet high. Not really a box but a cabinet. It has a 3/4" square tubing frame with wooden drawers.



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      Back to Guy Lautard again....

      He has plans for a wood machinist chest in one of his "bedside reader" series.

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        Built one of those about a year ago, patterned after the Gerstner (?) style chests seen in catalogs for $600. Made it out of white oak. Had a fold down front panel (with my initial carved in it) that locked all the drawers when the top lid was closed. Middle drawer held Machinery Handbook, had a little clock in that drawer, felt lined compatments, and a mirror in the lid, just like the old days. Unfortuneately I filled it up so fast that I bought 2 metal chests for all my stuff and gave the wood one to my dad, since his initial is the same as mine.


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          If you want fairly shallow drawers, Lee Valley Tools - - has Aluminum extrusions and a special router bit to fit it to the drawer front. These become both the drawer slides and the drawer sides. Then all you have to do is put a saw kerf in the frame for the extrusions to ride in. Really simplifies tool/jewellery box construction. Drawers assemble real quick!

          The mirros in the Gerstner boxes were for digging slivers out of your eyes - in the old days!

          Hope this helps.


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            Thanks for the info. I ordered their catalog. I wonder how much weight they will handle. It looks like the extrusion part is only 1/8" thick and only goes in the sides of the box 3/8".


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              Actually they are very strong - but standing on them whilst extended is out of the question! They are great for shallow drawers like the Gerstner Machinist Chests and most Jewellery boxes have. If you need deep and strong, Hardwood or steel and ball bearing slides is the way to go. Best idea for shallow drawer making in years I think...



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                Guess I'll know a little more when I get their catalog.