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Happy T-Day everyone

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  • Happy T-Day everyone

    Here's to full bellies - empty plates and impaired minds, all in good company...

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    Thanks and same back to you and everyone!

    Montezuma, IA
    David Kaiser
    “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein


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      I said to my wife one year....I think I am going to be lazy tomorrow because of the big holiday. She said, You live in Germany now you don't get the American holidays.....ummm...bummer. Up comes a big German holiday and I said....Tomorrow is a big holiday and I think I will be lazy........She said....You are don't get to be lazy on German holidays.........a guy can't win!

      We are getting ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner soon.....The boss is letting me celebrate it this year......I hope everyone else has a great day also.
      Location: The Black Forest in Germany

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        Happy thanksgiving everyone!

        I love the pineapple ham!


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          Just wouldn't be T Day without


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            Happy Thanksgiving.


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              Glückliche Erntedankfest!

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                Happy Thanksgiving!


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                  I was off line, but really appreciate the Thanksgiving day wishes, return them two fold, and hope all had a great day as well. Wife's knee injured and can't get around, had to cancel our hosting of the family yesterday, sent them all to daughter's house. Had a quiet turkey breast, mashed potato, and Stove Top stuffing dinner, just the two of us. Pretty nice, given the lousy circumstances. Really does make one Thankful for what you have.

                  All the best for a great rest of the week and weekend.
                  S E Michigan


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                    Oakland thanks for the perspective, sometimes it's not always Norman Rockwell but still can be just as good when you take inventory and realize what you got,,,

                    My bro's wife is a godsend and an overachiever when it comes to thanksgiving --- about 25 miles drive up in the mountains and she has a 22 lb bird, Halibut and Salmon that my bro personally reeled in up in AK, this year decided to skip the ham as that's another usual main dish lol but about 10 other mouth watering dishes,,,

                    Yet every time back to my pad I pass by supermax federal prison, usually commuting with two other bro's... all lit up at night as far as outer parameters but place still looks the same, conversation in the vehicle immediately led to how lucky we all are to get to spend time with each other - to get to do what we want - and get to have our freedom...

                    Oakland - pick the bride up some of that joint stuff at wal-mart,,, the stuff helps and can even work small wonders...