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  • 40 year old skilsaw

    I was going to give my kid my old Black and Decker 7 1/4" Skilsaw which is about 45 years old. I used it when I built a house in 1975 and haven't used it much since. The motor runs but the bit of shaft which the saw blade bolts to doesn't go around. Some googling found me an exploded view, and I see that the bit that the blade attaches to really is a separate piece. (I thought the motor shaft had broken). Has anybody ever took one apart and replaced that part and if so how much of a job is it?---Brian
    Brian Rupnow
    Design engineer
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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    Brian, depending on the model, the armature shaft has a gear cut on it that meshes with another gear/shaft that the blade attaches to. More than likely one or both gears are stripped. Also a tool that old you may not be able to source parts for it. Taking it apart should not be a big deal to diagnose.
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