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  • May need to mooch

    I have an extremely low budget project nearing the point I will be needing (fasten seatbelt) broken taps and drills to continue.
    Did I mention LOW budget?

    I've finally progressed to the point of revisiting 1970s tech to disintegrate such items having conquered burning holes thru pins using brake tubing and MickyD plastic straws only to find Micky dropped out of the project. I can deal with that by dropping back to coating my own with a slurry of newspaper, salt & baking soda with a final dip in old housepaint, but the shortage of broken taps and drills may grind me to a halt.
    Murex has come to be owned by Lincoln and the sweet thing answering the phone there till she can find a husband to pay her student loans swears the old rubber coated hollow underwater cutting rods are NLA cause they don't come up on her screen. She has a Degree but no knowledge of what a paper weldors guide looks like, although she did suggest I should buy one of the Devices "everybody" carrys in 2019 to maintain their link to Space Command.

    Sadly many of the small shops I could once obtain such from by wandering the corners where such items flew with a magnet on a stick have closed up. People are actually hanging up on me when I call asking for broken tools. I may be up the creek.

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    will keep it in mind next time I bust something. I *do* have some old drill bits (M2 HSS) if you can use that. Nothing wrong with them, just need sharpened.
    25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA