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Dovetail Straightedge Casting

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    Originally posted by Peter. View Post
    You could make a quick & dirty scraper by brazing an old carbide slip to a piece of 1/8" x 1" steel flat and put a file handle on the other end. Or get a sandvik tip and make a clamp end.
    that's essentially what I do, and then install a file handle. Before silver soldering, do lap the two sides of the carbide to a mirror finish. An edge is where two planes meet....and by starting with a great finish this way, you can keep renewing the edge by simply lapping the end

    as for arms/upper body....he's scraping little instrument lathe slide rests. The body comes into it when do very large things, big lathes and planer beds (Mr. King can have those lol) not, imo, for a slide rest. having done several small dovertails, the small thin scrapers like in my last photo above are the way to go (imo). Its a narrow surface and hard to get into the corners properly. If you;ve got an adjustable angle plate, they really help as well so you position the work both for access and visibility.
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      For anyone who is interested I did end up purchasing some scraping supplies from that russian Ebay seller. Took a while to get here, but the pricing was not to bad.

      I bought the 200mm scraper thinking that the shorter size would be useful for getting into dovetails. Made from 3/16" steel, so quite stiff.

      The carbide is 30mm x 15mm, and is pre-ground so with some lapping I believe I could be up and running.

      I also included a grinding gauge, thought it was a pretty neat design. 4 radius profiles for grinding and the center is a 1" x 1" square for counting points.

      I also purchased some marking paste, for $4.00 we'll see if it's usable.