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  • OT- MAC Technical Question

    Any MAC gurus here? I used a MacBookPro for a few years, and it died a while back. I took it to the Geek Squad and had them move everything off the hard drive into a storage device. I have been able to pull documents and pictures off this device, but what I would really like is the "Contacts" file. I had a lot of info stashed in there. My question is, where is that stored in the contents of the drive? The only thing I can find is:

    The last, contacts.icns shows the contacts icon, but I'm not sure if it has the text/contents in it. Before I try to download a program to open that .icns file, I would like to know if the info is there or not.

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    I know almost nothing about MACs, but that file extension is for icons

    You won't find the contacts in there.


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      I was afraid of that. The text in that has to be somewhere.


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        Have a look at this

        Should be in Home/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources


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          pinstripe, thank you! I followed your link's instruction, there was no "sources" after opening addressbook, but there are files named AddressBook V22. I will attempt tp open these. Thanks!