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    Originally posted by lynnl View Post

    Yes, one image is just a reversal of the other.
    In #19 it appears to be the LH end (note the wheeled cart on floor and brown box or stained block of wooden 2x4); in #18 those same features are seen on the RH end.
    First post, first group of photos, it appear #15 is assigned to both a small OBI and the Pexto.
    Fourth post, machine #1 is what? Guesses from several thousand miles away are okay.

    I will email her. Thanks!


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      I had a description with each photo but they wouldn't stay with the photo for some reason so here is the best I can do from 5000 miles away.

      photo 1. heat treat oven

      photo 2. metal cutting bandsaw, horizontal

      photo 3. Delta Unisaw 10"

      photo 4. CNC press brake for sheet metal

      photo 5. Pullmax sheet metal fabrication

      photo 6. spot welder

      photo 7. Pexto power shear, sheet metal

      photo 8. Pullmax sheet metal fabrication

      photo 9. C frame (incomplete assembly)

      photo 10. punch press

      photo 11. bar folder, sheet metal

      photo 12. punch press

      photo 13. power hammer head, blacksmith tool

      photo 14. arbor press, 3 ton

      photo 15. abrasive cutoff saw and Pexto corner shear for sheetmetal

      photo 16. drill press

      photo 17. vertical milling machine round column

      photo 18 & 19. Delta gang drilling station

      photo 20. Kent Owens horizontal milling machine

      photo 21. hydraulic press

      photo 22 & 23 bench grinder with belt attachment and bench grinder


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        Associated text for one image in Post #2:

        Click image for larger version Name: 09-Pexto Corner Shear and Abrasive Cutoff Saw.jpg Views: 90 Size: 277.6 KB ID: 1849135

        There seems to have been a recent forum update that has removed the feature that displays the text shown above when the mouse cursor is hovered over the image. You can view the "Image Info" by right-clicking on it and selecting from the drop-down control.
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          These machines are more related to metal fabrication and metal forming than machining. A good site to post to would be (there're a couple other sites which I don't recall the names of too).

          #13, the power hammer head and the two Pulmax machines are almost worth their weight in gold to custom auto body builders. And associated tooling for these machines is rare and valuable too. They're very sought after items. Since the owner had those machines it's likely he also had other specialized items that might not appear to have much value to the uneducated.
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            Yeah like the swage block on the floor in one of the pics.


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              The forum AllMetalShaping is very similar to metalmeet. There will deffo be more interest there.
              Richard - SW London, UK, EU.