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    Recently, I bought what what supposedly a NOS 0-3/8 jacobs (not BB) chuck, it was tight and rather rough-feeling. My first 'repair' method before pressing apart (since lots of problems are just caused by old grease and a dirty chuck, and being lazy, and an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it mentality), prior to pressing them apart, is to soak them in mineral-spirits,for a day or so, clean with toothbrushes and pipe-cleaners, suck the MS out with a shop-vac, then saturate them with way-oil and suck the oil thru the chuck with the shopvac (you can actually pull liquid thru the chuck with the shopvac). Didn't work on that chuck, and when I took it apart, it looked like a beaver had "machined" the body where the jaws reside, full of sharp corners, burrs, etc. I think there are knockoffs around--sent that one back.
    (The other thing I don't generally prefer with keyless chucks, is having to rotate them twice as much, having to use two hands on larger bits if you have the spindle in neutral (along with the extra z, rotating jaws, and grip/ungrip on larger bits).

    I also have a jacobs 6A33 (33 taper, non-bb, 0-12) on a rockwell drill press that I bought new about 30 years ago. That chuck also still works well, I oil it every once in a while--has never been taken apart. Older Jacobs chucks were good, before the company and name were cannibalized and exploited by the vulture-capitalists.
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      Yes, there are knockoffs of everything. Even knockoffs of knockoff products. And it is not new, we have some 1920's knockoffs of old 1880s products, and I have more recently seen another round of knockoffs of them.

      Bringing it back to the shop, I think I HAVE seen knockoff Jacobs chucks, I have certainly seen knockoff chuck arbors as bad as (or worse than) that chuck, and there are apparently even cheaper chinese knockoffs of cheap chinese knockoff VFDs. When/where will it end?

      Also..... I'm shocked that no well-meaning person has yet given the obligatory stern but kindly warning about drill chucks and end mills! Where are all the sticklers for "correctness"?

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        The op never mentioned using the chuck for milling purposes, fortunately.


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          I bought a Lyndex/Nikken R8 arbor and an Albrecht for my G0579 mill. It was the only thing the LTS that was open on Saturday morning had in stock, having gone in looking for the "good" import option like a Vertex or something. Yes, the guy said it was imported... from Germany, and the only thing they sold.

          I don't regret my purchase, however I wish I had another one with a 1/2" stub shank instead of the damn R8. The thing is a good three inches longer than any other collet/holder I have and I need to crank the column up to the tippy top to get a medium sized jobber drill into the chuck and clear a part in my 4in vise.

          The Vertex seems to be pretty solid option, some prominent youtubers have them, and they always have decent ratings. ABS Import and a couple of national distributors stock them, and you can even find them on Amazon from guys like Travers tool for just slightly over MSRP usually...

          If you want to go really small, like <= .080, you're getting into the range where you would benefit from a sensitive drill feed attachment with a tiny chuck on it, unless you have a really good quill handle on your mill... Even then, I'm planning on buying one soon.