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Yes lets have offensive shop sign postings!

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    My shop sign simply says 'Dees Workshop'. At work the thickness sander has a sign that says 'this machine doesn't have a brain- use your own'. The guy that used to work near it wrote on it 'zombie machine, aaaaahhhhh'

    I got nothing better-
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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      Originally posted by danlb View Post

      Yes, they probably do BUT... I don't know what happens when someone uses the countersink as a V grooving tool. Sounds like it might not last long.

      I was not getting a decent finish on a on a V groove in cast iron using a chamfering end mil. I switched to an M A Ford carbide countersink, 6 flutes if I recall correctly. It made a beautiful finish and did not appear to suffer any harm.


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        For those who talk and talk
        and talk and talk this adage
        doth appeal, the steam
        that blows the whistle
        Shall never turn the wheel

        Shop labor rates (feel free to change the $$$)

        $20 per hr.
        $25 per hr. if you want to watch
        $30 per hr. if you want to help
        $35 per hr. if you already started the job and screwed it up and are stuck


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          Originally posted by 754 View Post

          What ? MY 6 Flutes cut Aluminum just Fine. . Always have.. maybe you are buying wrong brand ?
          If your setup is rigid, and you have good feeds and speeds, sure it'll cut fine in soft aluminum, I guess?

          If you're using it in a drill motor to csink stuff by hand, no. Just no.

          There is a set of 6-flute KEO's in the toolbox at work, for which I printed a label that says "DO NOT USE ME ON ALUMINUM. THAT NOISE MEANS IT'S NOT WORKING RIGHT. GO GET A 1-FLUTER" because my technician would always grab one of the sixers and try to make csinked holes in tons of thin plates clamped in a vise, and it would be unbearable from across the building.


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            Not exactly offensive, but I've been trying to get a Peter Egan quote turned into a sign for my shop.

            "The project has not officially begun until you've bled all over it."

            I'll text my girlfriend with "The project has officially begun." and she'll respond "How bad is it?" As long as I answer with "ER not needed" she's ok with it.
            Definition: Racecar - a device that turns money into noise.


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              Not shop related, but in my last big bass boat I had to label the top edge of the passenger console windshield "NOT A F*****G HANDLE." It didn't work. Inspite of the big chrome grab handle right across the console moro... er I mean amateurs would reach up and grab the windshield when they stood up. I got tired of it, so I just removed the passenger side windshield. The next time I fished a pro/am at our very first stop my amateur partner reached across and grabbed ahold of the top of the driver side windshield as he stood up. I put the lettered former passenger windshield on the driver's side after that.

              *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.


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                I don't necessarily have the wording correct but I saw a sign that went something like this:

                It has come to the attention of management that employees dying on the job have not been falling down.

                This practice must stop as it is not possible to separate the natural movement of the staff from death.

                You are hereby notified that employees caught dying on the job will be terminated.

                Best wishes to ya’ll.



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                  Quite a few years ago we had a motorcycle spares/breaker shop near where I lived, but he only dealt with British M/C spares, both new and S/H.

                  The hand written sign in his shop near the till(cash register) was amusing to me, it read 'Don't ask for JAP spares, as a smack in the mouth often offends'.


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                    Still have the sign some place :-)
                    dont have the dog anymore though :-(


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                      In my office at my shop in Texas I had a sign on my wall that read, To err is human. To forgive is not my policy. Another one read, I might not always be right but I am always the boss.
                      Another one read, I have a wife and girlfriend and a note at the bank and they are all 30days over due!
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                        Sign on my shop door Everyone that comes through this door, makes my day better! Some when they come in, Some when they go out!!


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                          Sticker on my Snap On tool box says "Don't ask to borrow my tools and I wont ask to borrow your wife."


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                            you know, that could always work out as a win-win for the person borrowing the tools..


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                              Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!


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                                Originally posted by lynnl View Post
                                While this one, which I don't really have but saw somewhere years ago, is dealing with computers, it could just as well apply to machine tools. At any rate I think it's funny.

                                The original:

                                ACHTUNG! ALLES LOOKENSPEEPERS!

                                Das computermachine ist nicht fuer gefingerpoken und mitten grabben.

                                Ist easy schnappen der springen werk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken.

                                Ist nicht fuer gewerken bei das dumpkopfen.

                                Das rubbernecken sichtseeren keepen das cotten-pickenen hans in das pockets muss; relaxen und watchen das blinkenlichten.

                                My translation:
                                Attention all you onlookers!

                                The computer is not for poking with your fingers or grabbing with your hands.

                                It is easy to snap the spring works, blow the fuses with popping sounds and spitting sparks everywhere.

                                It is not for use by dummies.

                                You rubberneckers and sightseers must keep your cotten-picken hands in your pockets; just relax and watch the blinking lights.
                                "Blinkenlights." Posted in every computer room everywhere from the 1960's forward.