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Yes lets have offensive shop sign postings!

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    My shop sign simply says 'Dees Workshop'. At work the thickness sander has a sign that says 'this machine doesn't have a brain- use your own'. The guy that used to work near it wrote on it 'zombie machine, aaaaahhhhh'

    I got nothing better-
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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      Originally posted by danlb View Post

      Yes, they probably do BUT... I don't know what happens when someone uses the countersink as a V grooving tool. Sounds like it might not last long.

      I was not getting a decent finish on a on a V groove in cast iron using a chamfering end mil. I switched to an M A Ford carbide countersink, 6 flutes if I recall correctly. It made a beautiful finish and did not appear to suffer any harm.


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        For those who talk and talk
        and talk and talk this adage
        doth appeal, the steam
        that blows the whistle
        Shall never turn the wheel

        Shop labor rates (feel free to change the $$$)

        $20 per hr.
        $25 per hr. if you want to watch
        $30 per hr. if you want to help
        $35 per hr. if you already started the job and screwed it up and are stuck