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Hello again from me again it's been a long time but I am still alive Alistair

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  • Hello again from me again it's been a long time but I am still alive Alistair

    Hi friends it has been a few years since I last wrote . I woke up one morning a year or two ago, and staggered across the bedroom floor and fell about six time I was talking utter gibberish (nothing changed there then ha ha ) anyway and ambulance came I was in a very different world when they got me to hospital, I found out later my lungs,heart,brain, kidneys, and liver all were out of sync and beginning to pack in .Anyway I was in a bad way and don't remember anything much really.Incidently I am just saying hi as I cant type too well even today and am all over the place.I still am wandering while walking,well off to one side or the other. I have needless to say not been in either of my w/shops other than with my son's help. They thought I had a stroke but anyway now or lather they confirmed my problem was blocked salivery ducts glands parotid glands in my mouth had packed in, and I suffered a massive infection which went to my brain confirmed and travelled all around my body. Anyway off tomorrow for a brain scan. I had noticed a while before this my loss of taste had appeared and started eating considerable less, very littlle to almost nothing in fact.Within a year I lost twelve stone that's 12 x14 to get pounds approx 150 pounds weight loss in all..So I am a shadow of my former massive self. I will eventually send pics of before and after ha ha. Alistair that will do for now apart from sending George Buliss and all you beautiful friends here, our family ,and my love to you all God Bless. Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    So glad to see you back! Don't be a stranger...

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      Good to hear from you, Alistair! I hope you will continue to improve, and eventually get back to activities you enjoy. Your presence has been missed!
      Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
      USA Maryland 21030


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        Alistair, of all those who have been MIA, you are the one I've missed. It sounds like you have had misery aplenty and still more in front of you. Do what needs to be done. And everyday in the sun is a good one when we get older.

        While platitudes never fixed anything, you are in my memories and thoughts.
        If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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          Wow! I had noticed that you were not posting and had wondered about your health. I'm 76 and worry about my own.

          I am delighted to see you are recovering from this and hope to hear more from you soon.

          In the long run that weight loss may be a good thing. I have been fighting my weight all my life and have only recently had a bit of luck in reducing it a bit. On the advise of a nurse-practitioner at my doctor's office I started taking some probiotic capsules and I think they have helped.

          Anyway, I'm glad to hear from you and will keep you in my prayers. Hope you can get back to the shop soon. But don't take any chances. Don't want to hear about any shop accidents.
          Paul A.
          SE Texas

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            Glad you're still with us, Alistair. I hope things get easier for you.


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              It's very nice to hear from you again Alistair!


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                Anything that stops a Scotsman eating has got to be serious!

                All the very best Alistair, stay in touch mate.
                Peter - novice home machinist, modern motorcycle enthusiast.

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                  It was a pleasure to see this post. Thanks, Alistair.


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                    I was so pleased to read your post. Welcome back! What a bunch of things to go through. I lost both of my lower salivary glands early on. The left one when I was about 35, and the right one some ten or more years later. The upper ones seemed to increase output to compensate. I think the problem was caused by restricted ducts which came about after a case of infectious mononucleosis that I had when I was about 24. I am very lucky, as I will celebrate my 89th birthday in less than two weeks. I hope that you will be able to be productive in your shop soon.


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                      Originally posted by Shavings View Post
                      It was a pleasure to see this post. Thanks, Alistair.
                      Well said X2 good to hear from My old buddy ! keep in touch Alistair...

                      You are a bright beacon of light on this forum and we were worried sic about you, can't believe how much weight you lost but please no pics as we know your probably having a tough time holding up your Kilt now, no pics of your sister either please lol

                      keep giving us updates Mr. Hosie and thanks for checking in ------------- AKB
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                        As the others have said, I'm glad to see you back!


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                          Alistair, it's great to know that you are still on the green side of the grass!

                          Keep on keeping on.


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                            Ok, I'll say it if no one else is going to: "Clumsy bastard! I'm joking of course.

                            It's a unanimous opinion, good to hear from you Alistair! Pop in whenever you can and let us know how it's going.
                            Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                              Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor after all you've been through Alistair, and even better that you are being well looked after and heading in the right direction.
                              Thank you also for checking in as we have all been worried about your absence.
                              Hopefully you will be back here on a regular basis soon.
                              Godspeed my friend!
                              Home, down in the valley behind the Red Angus
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