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Grinder Noob wants to Know What he Needs to Buy

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  • Grinder Noob wants to Know What he Needs to Buy

    I manned up and bought myself a Gorton 375 tool and cutter grinder with collets. Now I need to get ready to use it. I ordered myself a manual, and when the manual arrives, I should be able to use the dimensions inside it to build a mobile base. What else should I be looking for?

    I got excited about tool grinders watching a Stefan Gotteswinter video. He has a Shars-type single-lip grinder, and he does wonderful things with it. He sharpens the ends of mills, he reduces mill shanks, and he also grinds carbide inserts so they can be reused.
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    Magnifying glass with an adjustable /Flex support
    Adjustable light as above if not included
    Diamond wheel
    Diamond dresser.
    Full set of collets including square 1/4" ,5/16 and 3/8" is nice.
    Respiratory mask
    Vacuum system

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      Thanks. I would not have thought of a magnifier on a stalk.
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        Nice to make a lot of the jigs and fixtures yourself as a project.

        Click image for larger version

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          I have been looking at collets. It appears that one of the big knocks on this machine is the fact that it takes 4NS collets instead of 5C. Wondering if there is a realistic strategy for rigging it up for 5C. The 4NS format only goes up to 5/8" round, and finding square collets is impossible unless you want to pay Hardinge hundreds per collet.
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            It sort of looks like a clever person could remove the Gorton spin fixture and replace it with a Chinese 5C spin index fixture.
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              For a T&C grinder I would think you'd want something a little tighter tolerance than a Chinese spindexer. Or at least you might measure and confirm at least that the core spindle of the spindexer is good in all respects for size and centering and use it as the basis for a new bit of tooling to fit the grinder. And I think I'd want to look at the air bearing spindle thread that showed up again a little while ago for ideas.
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                I don't think an air bearing tool would fit on this machine, and the expense is very high, but I am looking into it.

                A Youtuber calling himself Shadon HKW claims to be sharpening end mill flutes with a spin indexer. Whether his results are good, I could not say. Is a spin indexer worse than the Chinese attachments that come with U3 grinders?

                I was thinking a spin indexer might be good for times when I wanted to grind something that isn't round. My lathe will take 3/4" and 1" square bits which are way beyond the capabilities of 4NS collets.
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