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    Hey lathe chuck experts!
    I've got a Bison 6" 3 jaw that needs to be cleaned real bad. The manual that came with the chuck says to only use "Altemp Q Paste NB 40S" on the scroll and jaw teeth or the gripping power may be cut by up to 30%. Since this is a probably European grease, the local lube guys in my town don't know what to give me as equivalent. Blue Ridge can get a very small tube of it, but at great cost!

    What is this stuff?

    Is there a comparable grease to ask for in the US?

    Is there another grease that won't cause me to lose what little grip I have left?

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    How about a teflon grease? that should be slick enough not to cause problems. It is not effected much by cold either.


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      Once a week at a minimum I take ours apart and spray off with solvent. then squirt a bunch of way oil in the scroll. We never had any problems. I do this every Monday when I completely service our machines, before I let anyone turn them on.


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        I was taught to use a dry lubricant such as graphite on the scroll the reason being that it isn't sticky so less swarf and other rubbish gets stuck in the scroll.


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          Quick Change:
          Use an extreme pressure grease with Moly Disulfide in it - a #2 should be fine.


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            Thanks for the replys. It appears that the type of lube is not as critical as the manual maks it sound.