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    One advantage that an AV with only "average driver" skills is desirable is that as you find ways to make it work better you can "educate" all the existing AVs via software / hardware updates. Half of all drivers will always have substandard skills no matter what you try to do to make them safer.
    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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      You definitely CAN "teach" a machine the warning signs.... it is just pattern recognition, and if the folks doing programming are not working on that, then they are doomed to fail hard.

      I was NOT referring to "pucker factor" so much as just seeing a pattern that indicates an issue may be developing. The car from the side street is just a hair faster than you think it should be if he's gonna stop, or you see that and consider that there may be ice because it is winter, and he looks too fast to stop on ice.

      Machines can do that, however much you wish that they cannot. But, machines have no curiosity (yet) and might not learn it themselves. But with a bit of a change to the "programming philosophy", that could change, and in any case these things can be programmed.

      So far, people learn because we are programmed to....for self preservation. We hear a rustling in the grass, and next thing we know there is a rattlesnake there coiled up and rattling. Next time we hear that rustling, you better believe we will be looking out for critters. Or else we get bitten and maybe do not survive it.

      Driving is similar, a close call has us looking out for it in future, AND probably more aware of OTHER things that may become problems. So far machines are usually not taught that "predictive" caution, but they sure are taught pattern recognition.

      Software upgrades are possible... sure. The upgrade for a set on new patterns might be pretty extensive, a dealer visit deal, so meanwhile all the vehicles that have not been upgraded are now "known to be defective" in lawyerspeak.... creates an interesting issue, I would say. Do you let them drive, or do you ground them pending upgrade? Likely depends on the severity of the issue, and some Federal level politics.

      Gosh, here I am defending Danlb's position, and he doesn't even know it....
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