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a scuffle at work

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  • Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post

    That's a damn good point, although - you get the "cock of the walk" canned for misbehaving - take food off his table for a week or two while other bills are piling up and he see's it all as your fault cuz lets face it their not the best at reflecting and learning from it...

    Usually, those types are much more physical..... grab your shirt and bounce you off the wall kinds of folks. Likely to find the bar you go to and want to beat you in the parking lot.

    It's the skinny lightweights and fat out of shape folks that more often grab a gun. Or run you over in the bar parking lot. A guy I knew got run over by a grumpy old fat dude purely over a parking spot. Killed him, the old guy got a few years in the pen for it.

    That's not 100%, of course, but close, I think.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


    • Unless you've ever had to "live by the sword" I suggest most comments here are speculation and Hollywood.
      You DON'T put hands on people...unless you intend to follow through to the end.
      Just close the thread and move on.


      • Why in the world would you want to close the thread on such a civilized discussion of real world scenarios that obviously many of us have experienced,

        heck even GB added to the mix with some good advise - this "ain't bad" unless you make it bad in your own head,,,

        and getting back to the sword thing - and keeping with the topic - yes the life and death thing can "go down" in the work place just like any other place,,, and happen in mere seconds, in the case of the OP he did not put hands on him - but had hands put upon himself --- he did a good job in avoiding confrontation but that does not always work, if it did indeed escalate and there's no other alternative you bet you "get all hollywood with it" and follow it to the end if you have too - that's legal - that's called self preservation and self defense --- what you don't do is just sit there like a lamb ready for slaughter and then let it happen --- unless of course that's your cup of tea..

        not the OP's fault... and he did ask advise - and nobody got out of line with it...


        • We won't ever know all the circumstances in this event. There are always three sides to these stories. The bullies, Shoprats and then the truth.
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