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    Archeologists are astounded by the translation of an ancent cunieform tablet that had been unearthed along with a bronze chisel.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	cuneiform tablet 2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	406.1 KB ID:	1853412

    The translation was performed by scholars at the British Museum, and has been confirmed by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It reads

    "For why you no tell me bronze was so good?"


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      Originally posted by 754 View Post
      Well this is not getting anywhere, i did come back to your thread, after you pointing out repeatedly to MacGyver, that you thought it was okay.......I thought I should Mention that I also felt as he did. .
      myself I would rather just talk about machining.
      Maybe it's just the fact that I am quite Ill right now, and the fact that a buddy thinks that repeatedly sending gifs and memes rather than words, is a substitute for dialogue.... that is making me cranky right now.. I will be over it soon.,
      On a serious note. If you are not feeling well and your buddy is sending you such it may just be his way of letting you know he cares.
      *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.


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        "For you no tell me why." Yoda
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          Am approaching geezerhood. Don't know what a meme is. If ya'll would stick to machining I might only be half lost.
          North Central Arkansas


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            Originally posted by J Tiers View Post

            And what is funny is that the industry HAS BEEN doing that ever since it started. Maybe because the home/business PC industry was created by boomers, and they still run and own a lot of it.

            Back then, the "computer" was super-prominent, and you had to do things it's way. As time goes on, the computer itself has been disappearing into being just the way the product works.... it's "computerness" has been submerged into the background.

            Yep, those worthless effing boomers, who developed the basis for most everything that defines the modern tech-based world. And maybe that was not such a good thing to do, or maybe it was.
            Not all boomers are the same. Just the ones I grew up with, and the ones who clog up the streets in FL in the cooler months.


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              My $75 Dayton 4x6 saw was a great deal!
              My neighbor would go to garage sales and picked it up for me, sure beats a hand hacksaw!