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    32’x32’ pole building well insulated.
    45,000 btu hot dawg heater to keep it at 55 degrees of off a 500 gallon tank.
    32,000 btu reverberay radiant heater used on 100, 40 or whatever I can get when I am working to take the chill off.
    no issues with moisture or co.
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      I have a 30x30 foot garage that is well insulated, drywalled, ten foot ceiling etc. When it's as low as 5f degrees the furnace I use which is only 30,000 btu output will take a couple hours to get the room up to around 70f. Then it just coasts and doesn't switch on but maybe once per hour. *If I was doing it again, I'd get 50,000 or 60,000 btu just to heat the place faster. I picked it up NOS off of craigslist for 300 bucks so I jumped on it.

      It's a pretty slick nat gas fired counterflow furnace. Heated air is pushed out the lower screen for a better chance at keeping the warm down low. It's wall mounted and I located it over one of the windows so venting it didn't require anything cut in the walls etc. I removed the window and made a two panel plywood form to match the frame. This is about 3 inches thick with styrofoam forming that sandwich. The vent and combustion air intake go through it and outdoors. If I ever want to take it out all I do is pop the window back in. As it basically is an apartment furnace it's virtually silent.

      It's a Williams furnace. Here's the link.
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        How hot does the shop get in summer? Maybe you need to consider a combined heat/cool system. I wonder if you could run a heat pump and minimize the energy use to do the actual heating. A costly start-up but economical use- maybe never get your money back- does there exist an affordable heat pump that would be suitable?

        One thing is true- you would always appreciate a shop that is warm enough at any time.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          I have read of heat pump window units and split units being available.
          North Central Arkansas


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            An window unit might be a nice idea depending on how cold it gets in winter. I understand that heat pumps can get pretty expensive to run if there's is a big temperature difference between outside and inside.

            And using a heat pump that does cost to run it puts that much more emphasis on starting with a really good insulation job.
            Chilliwack BC, Canada