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    I shared a house with three pals from high school on a country lane in ‘76. One guy had an Imp that was no longer roadworthy.
    We drained the oil and parked it out front. He put a brick on the gas pedal. After 45 minutes at full throttle with no oil we got bored and one of the guys remembered I had a tube of dry TC lapping grit. We put that in with a half cup or so of oil and the noises and smoke started soon after. It just gradually slowed down and seized up a few minutes later.
    That Hillman had one tough motor that gained our respect.
    Illigitimi non Carborundum 😎
    9X49 Birmingham Mill, Reid Model 2C Grinder, 13x40 ENCO GH Lathe, 6X18 Craftsman lathe, Sherline CNC mill, Eastwood TIG200 AC/DC and lots of stuff from 30+ years in the trade and 15.5 in refinery unit operations. Now retired. El Paso, TX