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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post

    Thank you as well.
    Yup. It will be a good read. I love all the articles. From the pic Geo posted it looks like you have been using it often. That front knurl almost looks brass. Thanks for the article Jerry... JR


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      Just wanted to check... Can you guys see the picture I re-posted in post #43?
      Chilliwack BC, Canada


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        Originally posted by BCRider View Post
        Just wanted to check... Can you guys see the picture I re-posted in post #43?


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          Three lathe carriage stops that I have made and find pretty handy.

          The first I made 30+ years ago, for a 6" Atlas. Pretty straightforward - two dowels pressed into the front block are a sliding fit in the rear block, with socket head screw to clamp. The locking handle on the stop screw was ground so it would lock in a convenient position.

          The second is for a 13" Standard Modern. 20 tpi screw allowed an adjusting dial with 50 thousandths markings. Screw has a keyway on bottom to keep it from turning. The clamping plate has two projections with half-round tops, just like some strap clamps. One fits into a half round groove milled into the body of the stop, the other bears against the lathe bed. I use this scheme often, as it gives good contact with no twisting of the clamp plate.

          The third is also for the Standard Modern, and is the one I use most often. Pretty simple - stop screw with lock handle, no graduations. But the long knurled screw on the front face is for mounting a lug back dial indicator.

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            I posted this message on the Hobby Machinist Forum, but it's applicable to any of the 12"x36" import lathes that share a common 'ancestry'...
            take a look and see if you can use it!

            Best Regards,
            Lou O.Click image for larger version

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