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    Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post
    You are not considering the ISO 68AW hydraulic oil?
    Mobil Vactra Oil Number 2 (ISO 68) ??? No 2 is Mobil's ISO 68AW? or not? I don't know for sure...


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      Vactra is way oil.
      It has tackafiers.
      If you use Vactra on gears,
      it acts like it has a higher viscosity
      and will climb the gears.
      While this sounds potentially like a good thing
      one problem is that if the machine has labyrinth seals
      the oil will climb up and come out the seals.
      This is a real problem with machine tools.

      If the manufacturer wants you to use ISO68 oil
      one aspect of specifying that is how it will climb in the gearbox.
      If you use the proper weight oil with a tackifier, you will find it
      climbs the gears more than the design requirement intended.

      One example of specifying oil weight for it's climbing ability,
      is my 17" Colchester lathe. Someone had put ISO68 oil in it
      and it would fling oil out the labyrinths from the spindle bearings.
      When I changed to the proper ISO32 oil, the oil flinging had stopped.

      And take the advertising of oil manufactures with a grain of salt.
      They are written for people who know little or nothing about oil
      to attempt to make an oil selection for their needs.
      Notice the verbiage used contains a lot of adjectives and
      not many quantitative values. Red flag there.

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        If you follow your original link, there are alternatives to the Mobil DTE. The Phillips 66 brand has similar properties if you look at the product data sheet but only $58. The copper corrosion property is even claimed to be better than the Mobil brand. The description is broader for the Phillips and states "enclosed gear drives." So probably pretty much the same stuff as the more expensive Mobil.
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        Tom - Spotsylvania, VA