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Has anyone seen this Lathe video??

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    Originally posted by Black Forest View Post

    W-18 three rows of 6 cylinders.
    Its just insane. I do know that Bentley has a W-12 engine in production.
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      There is such a wide variety of what can be done on a lathe or other tool . The more time you spend thinking about it, the more you can do., Then you can get r done. I ran a big slitting saw in my lathe and held 3/4 thick steel blocks in my 4 way... that worked very well . I set up 3/4 steel plates on a faceplate and rotobroached 1.75 holes thru them, at a very rapid pace ... I have a theory.. I try to use the machine with the most hp and rigidity to do the job if possible.


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        Originally posted by BCRider View Post
        "Milling in the lathe" would entail holding the work in a vise or other fixturing on the tool post or with the aid of a vertical travel slide and turning the cutter with the headstock.
        Milling in the lathe with the work in a chuck is common. I think if the work is rotating it's turning, if the cutter is rotating it's milling (just to confuse though there's of course machines that do both at the same time). As an example, a normal set up for milling tin the lathe on a watchmakers or model engineers lathes is work held in a chuck, an indexing device on the lathe spindle and separate spindle with a milling cutter on a vertical slide.
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